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Description of Leggero Enso Bicycle Kid Trailer - SURF - Nabecco

Leggero Enso – the safe bicycle kid trailer Made in Switzerland. Since 25 years Leggero produces bicycle trailers for children in Europes 1st trailer manufactory on Lake Constance.
Leggero Enso video with German subtitles

Features of Leggero Enso

The Leggero Enso‘s chassis is revolutionary in many ways. No other kids trailer or transporter has 75mm of travel. Contrary to other manufacturers, Leggero does not use leaf springs. Leaf springs have only a bouncy effect.

The individually adjustable, ergonomic sportingseat system inside the Enso offers optimal lateral support, comfort and safety for Your child. The headrest and 5-point-belt are customizable for the passengers size. The Enso‘s interior is roomy and therefore offers more space than products of competitors.

Brake system
The brake system offers lots of braking power thanks to the two high-grade, mechanical disc brakes. This is above all crucial when using Your Enso as jogger or inliner. The included braking system is operated single-handed with one single lever, which serves as parking brake with the push of a button. The disc brake is easily adjustable either by Yourself or a skilled person.

The spacious trunk of the Leggero Enso can easily take even a big shopping bag. No need to store your outdoor-pool gear in the passenger compartment. While not in use, just fold it away.

Rain cover
The rain cover integrated in the canopy is reade with just a few moves. The Enso is already all weather-capable as basic version. Hint: the rain cover serves well as windshield against cold headwind too.

Stroller wheels
The kick down stroller wheels are easily kicked in position by foot thanks to the revolutionary handling, without You having to stoop or getting Your hands dirty. The stroller wheels are basic equipment too and permanently mounted to the trailer. Just uncouple Your Enso from the bike, kick down the wheels, and ready is the wholesome stroller.

Collapsibility and parking
The outer dimensions of the Enso do not create a problem for cellar or bike-room entries and thanks to „Click&Fold“ it is folded in 3 seconds and stored away or transported space-saving, wether in Your car, public transport or in Your flat. „Click&Fold“ is designed so, that You have to press the left and right button at the same time to fold the trailer.

Child monitoring screen and toch screen pocket
The monitoring screen for stroller or jogger function integrated into the canopy can receive Your smartphone or tablet, with which You may entertain Your child with music or a fairytale. The special foil offers great visibility and operability of Your touch-screen

Development of the Leggero Enso Bike Trailer

Tribecraft statement about Enso development
The Leggero Enso got developed, designed and built from scractch in a three-years process. It was most important to integrate its mulifunctional character into one single product without compromising to design or use.

Leggero observed the daily routine of families with little children, concerning handling of trailers, to better understand the demands and requirements. With the Enso, these requirements are met without compromise and coherently brought to the point as well in detail as in full.

Applied materials
Only high-grade material are used for the Leggero Enso. The passenger compartment is made of aluminium. The joints are made of glassfiber reinforced polyamide. The textile parts are made from durable Cordura and specially treated rip-stop fabrics. The Leggero Enso is an ingenious transportation system to the detail; even the tires comply to the newest norm EC No. 1907/2006.

Safety of Leggero Enso

Safety guaranteed
The Leggero Enso passed the TÜV test! Leggero is the first manufacturer to offer a TÜV certified Trailer, that is useable as kids trailer as well as stroller.

TÜV certificate for kids trailer after standard EK2/AK2.1 / 13-01:2013
The Leggero Enso got testet by TÜV according to all necessary test standards for kids trailers. It gives prove for the highest safety level possible for Your child. The Leggero Enso got TÜV tested and certified according to: chemistry (R.E.A.C.H.), static test, dynamic test, acceptance test and documentation.

TÜV test for stroller after standard EN 1888:2012
The Leggero Enso is the first and only kids trailer that not only got tested according to standards of STVZO for kids trailers, but also after standards for strollers, which it passed. It received the TÜV certificate also for this category.

Absence of pollutants R.E.A.C.H.
In regards to the TÜV certification, the Leggero took the test concerning absence of pollutants. In over 60 chemical examinations the Enso proved compliance to the norm.

Safety passenger compartment
A secure chassis is surrounding the passengers and absorbes impact energy in case of a crash. The children are well protected even in critical situations. In regards to the TÜV certification, the passenger compartment had to pass crashtests and stiffness examination.

Clutch system
The Becco clutch system developed by Leggero complies to and is certified after the norm DIN 31000-2:1987 for kids trailer clutch. In regards to operation with e-bikes, the clutch meets the resulting higher demands and is very simple to handle.

Leggero Design

Color variations and design
The Leggero trailer is available in two timeless and sportive variations: Sail and Surf
The sportive look fits your MTB. The combination of muted colors with highlights of brilliant neon-lime make it a fashion icon on the streets.
The classical Leggero look with it‘s sail-like appearance, white basic color and red and sandcolored accents give it a noble timelesness. The well visible zigzag stitches illustrate the design-derivation from sailing yachts and make it a design carriage.

Swiss Design Award Statement 1. place Consumer Goods 2015
This kids trailer, that strictly got designed for safety and easy handling, is – in the best sense – a real swiss product: functional, durable, precisely manufactured and smart to handle. To solely apply materials that are made in Europe is a convincing concept, as well as the production by a ISO 9001 certified, social facility – an enlightening example for sustainability in economic and social sense.

Tribcraft Design Statement Enso Sail & Surf
The Leggero Enso is the Vento‘s brother. As the Vento invites to sail a soft summer breeze, the Enso demands it close hauled. Performance, precision and valence are it‘s attributes. The are transported by means of dynamic proportions, choice of line, contrast and color weighting. Technology, choice of components and quality of craftsmanship redeem this claim uncompromisingly.

Made in Switzerland: Leggero

Leggero – Pioneer in kids trailers
Since more than 25 years Leggero produces high-grade kid trailers in Europes 1st kid trailers manufactory by to the Bodensee. Until today over 100,000 Leggeros are delighting the young and the old on European streets.

Sustainability – product ethics und ecology
Leggero puts great emphasis on ethical, sustainable and ecological correct manufactured products. All system for child transportation e.g. are manufactured by a ISO 9001 certified social company after strict quality- and environmental directives. Over 95% of Leggero‘s suppliers are located in Europe.

During construction of the Leggero, attention was paid to combine long-lasting material with replaceable standard components to meet the aspects of light mobility. Based on the product lifecycle, the trailer, as demanded by a zero-emission product, can be dismanteled and recycled to the full.

Sustainability – Mysocial Engagement
With the label „my social engagement“, consumer and producer want to express the common will to support people in demanding life situations. The principal is easy: by purchasing products wearing the label, the customer supports jobs and apprenticeship places for people in such demanding life situations.

Leggero Accessory

With the highgrade joggerset, You can convert Your Leggero Enso for jogging or inline skating. It has to be mentioned, the the Enso is especially suitable for sportive skaters. The brake system gives a lot of braking power when needed and direction stability is unparalleled. The trail is adjustable with a single screw and in no time Your Enso is always going straight. In just a few steps, the joggerset is mounted to the tow bar fixture. When not in use, You can store it in the trunk to take it along.

Baby seat
If You intend to transport infants of 3 up to 9 months, the Weber baby seat offers best halt. The seat is provided with a 3-point-belt system. To attach it safely to the trailer, the delivery includes the necessary straps. The textile parts can be machine washed at 40; the cover is made of wood-fibre and 40% Lyoceli.

The Becco clutch system contains a great number of different clutches for the bikes side. Leggero offers solutions for almost all kinds of rear ends. The deliver includes a standard clutch, wich suits about 90% of current bikes. In case You are not sure about that, contact aour service tean and we will help You find out.

Bottle cage
The Leggero bottle cage offers space for standard bottles. The handy carrier can be attached on either insides using velcro. The funnel-shaped opening makes it easy to insert the bottel.

Parking assist wheel
The parking assist wheel is especially usefull while the trailer is uncoupled from the bike. It is indeed one of the best-selling products. Packed in the included bag, the parking assist wheel can be stored in the trunk.

Leggero Service

Maintenance and care
It is important to regularly inspect tow bar and clutch for cracks, dents or other damages. The trailer itself should be inpected biennial by a qualified person. The Leggero trailer demands some care, like any other trailer. Informations regarding care, maintenance and correct brake adjustment are available in pdf format.

Leggero grants 2 years guarantee upon trailer and clutch. Wear parts such as tires or brake pads are excluded from guerante, as far as the wear is in consequence of the parts anticipated use. Leggero furthermore guarantees accessability of parts up to 10 years after purchase of the respective trailer.
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Fact Sheet of Leggero Enso Bicycle Kid Trailer - SURF - Nabecco

Product Name: Leggero Enso Bicycle Kid Trailer - SURF - Nabecco
Manufacturer: Leggero
Item Code: LEG334461
Year: 2017
Weight: approx. 16,70 Kilogram (manufacturer information)
Payload: 45kg
Number of seats: 1
Seat Width: 41cm
Dimensions: H (wheels incl.): 99cm | W: 71cm | L: 158cm
Dimensions (folded): H (wheels incl.): 50cm | W: 71cm | L: 101cm
Included in delivery: kids trailer
tow bar
UNI 12 standard clutch
cover (rain cover included)
Approved by: bicycle kids trailer standard EK2/AK2.1 / 13-01:2013
stroller standard EN 1888:2012
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  • Fact Sheet
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