Pally'Hi Wmn's Longsleeve Grace Pace - heather sky

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Description of Pally'Hi Wmn's Longsleeve Grace Pace - heather sky

Functional longsleeve with relaxed style. The longsleeve is moisture-regulating and quick-drying thanks to the merino-bamboo material. A shirt for the daily adventures...

Merino Tech

Merino wool, the handsome “outerwear” of the merino sheep, is a marvelous material. The wool's supernatural properties are all thanks to its super-fine fibers. Often coarse wool can feel itchy like a fsherman's beard when worn against the skin, but that just isn't true with merino. And since wool is a natural material, it is biodegradable and won't take hundreds of years to decompose.
Merino Bamboo - Airier and cooler than pure merino fabrics with great sweat wicking and antibacterial properties and a silkysmooth feel. Bamboo also improves the fabric's strength. Recommended for fair-weather outdoors use and everyday comfort.

Odor Resistant - Merino wool’s superior moisture wicking properties keep sweat away from the body of its wearer meaning bacteria doesn’t have time to smell. Wool fibers have an uneven surface on a microscopic level which makes it difficult for odor causing bacteria to attach to.

Non-Itchy Premium Fiber - Merino wool is soft, it isn‘t itchy, due to its fine fibers and elasticity. The elasticity helps to keep a product’s shape even when exercised in. After washing, the garments are free of wrinkles and need next to no ironing, whereas a cotton shirt would look unwearable. Merino wool has a high level of protection against UV radiation, making it a great fabric for garments intended for use in the great-outdoors.

Always a comfortable temperature - The fine fibers of merino wool fabrics, with their natural crimp, capture air, insulating their wearer from weather extremes. The wavy fiber draws sweat and moisture away from the body to the outside of the fabric, from where it evaporates, creating a cooling effect between your skin and the fabric. This effect is even greater the hotter it gets or the more you sweat. These two properties of merino wool are responsible for naturally regulating its wearer’s body climate.

Renewable & easy to care for - Each year every merino sheep grows a new fleece, meaning the wool is grown year-after-year whether it is used or not. Oil is a finite resource and so are the synthetic fibers manufactured from it. Merino apparel is easy to care for and it’s machine washable at low temperatures without special detergents. Essentially it’s the perfect fabric for modern life.
Material name by manufacturer: merino bamboo blend

Material 60% wool, 40% viscose

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Fact Sheet of Pally'Hi Wmn's Longsleeve Grace Pace - heather sky

Product Name: Pally'Hi Wmn's Longsleeve Grace Pace - heather sky
Manufacturer: Pally'Hi
Item Code: PAL342138
Material: 60% wool, 40% viscose
activity: Outdoor, Run, Leisure, Fitness
gender: women
textile fabric: Merino
washability: 30°C
season: Summer, Winter, Spring/Autumn
fit: tight
sleeves: Long sleeve
upper clothing top features: T-Shirts, Pullover
underwear version: Long sleeve under shirts
Model year: 2018
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Blue
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