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Edelrid Canary Pro Dry CT 8,6mm Rope - 60m - neon-green

Edelrid Canary Pro Dry CT 8,6mm Rope - 60m - neon-green

Edelrid's ultra-light, high-end rope with triple certification. With its 8,6 mm diameter and weighing in at just 51 g per meter, the Canary is one of the thinnest and lightest single ropes in its class. The thicker sheat proportion makes it the most robust lightweight rope on the market.


  • Certified as twin, double and single rope
  • Pro Dry for outstanding dirt and water resistance
  • Water absorption less than 2% as per UIAA Water Repellent Test
  • Not suitable for working routes or top roping
  • 3D lap coiled so you can use it straight away, without kinking and tangling

Pro Dry
Untreated ropes can absorb up to 50 % of their own weight in water. When wet, such ropes become extremely heavy, difficult to handle and may freeze in cold conditions. Moreover, their safety reserves are compromised. This is why impregnated ropes are used for activities where ropes are more likely to get wet, such as ice climbing or mountaineering.
Pro Dry is a new finishing process, which provides a solution to this problem. First the core yarns are impregnated. Then, once braiding is completed, the finished rope (core and sheath) is impregnated again. In a final stage, the impregnation is thermally fixed. The result is a rope that is durably water repellent and dirt resistant. Pro Dry ropes are particularly quick drying, absorb virtually no water and are resistant to freezing in cold temperatures. Due to their minimal water absorption (1-2 %) in accordance with the UIAA water-repellent test, Pro Dry ropes hardly increase in weight. As such, they continue to perform well and provide high safety reserves even in wet conditions.
In addition, Edelrid's Pro Dry finish improves the gliding characteristics of the individual fibers, which makes the rope more abrasion-resistant and extends its lifespan. Pro Dry is the first ever finishing process that makes it possible to produce extremely narrow diameter ropes without compromising on performance.
Whether mixed routes on north faces, ice climbing on frozen waterfalls or sport routes at the crag, the ropes in our Pro Dry series excel due to their outstanding handling, long lifespan and high safety reserves.

bluesign® is the world's strictest standard for environmental protection, consumer protection and occupational safety. All environmentally relevant aspects of production are critically tested and permanently optimised: material use, energy, water, wastewater, exhaust air, noise, waste, and the treatment of hazardous materials. A "bluesign® product" may carry this symbol only when at least 90% of the textile area and 30% of the ingredients used are bluesign®-certified.

Fact Sheet of Edelrid Canary Pro Dry CT 8,6mm Rope - 60m - neon-green

Product Name: Edelrid Canary Pro Dry CT 8,6mm Rope - 60m - neon-green
Manufacturer: Edelrid
Item Code: EDR344708
activity: Climbing
length: 60000mm
safety standards: EN 892
purpose climbing: Alpine Climbing
rope version: Single rope, Half ropes, Twin ropes, Impregnated
rope diameter: 8.6mm
weight per meter (ropes): 51g/m
norm falls single rope: 5
impact force single rope: 8.4kN
dynamic elongation single rope: 32%
static elongation single rope: 7.4%
middle mark: yes
percentage of sheath (rope): 47%
sheath slippage (rope): 0%
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Green
weight: 3510g
Manufacturer page: http://www.edelrid.de/