Northwave Kinetic Swift Shorts Women's 89161163E - black 10

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Description of Northwave Kinetic Swift Shorts Women's 89161163E - black 10

Kinetic. Redesigned from zero, this new project is the culmination of years of research to achieve one goal: provide a definitive response to what all hardcore cycling fans, from pro riders to recreational cyclists, really want.

Every detail is the result of nonstop testing. Every choice was made to make you a more efficient rider, facilitate breathing and improve the dynamics of your legs in every pedal stroke. Northwave has got through countless prototypes and assessed myriad solutions: but that's what it takes to create clothing that's perfectly form fitting and becomes one with a rider in motion. Every garment in the Kinetic project shares the same mission: maximized performance on every ride. Norhtwave has minimized friction points to deliver maximum ergonomics and comfort.

The synergy of the cut using the highest-performing materials helps to support and optimize muscle performance. Performance was also paramount when they redesigned the pads, radically raising the bar for in-saddle comfort. Leaving the rider free from everything, now it's just you and the road. The Kinetic project features four models: Lightning, Fast, Dynamic and Swift, designed specifically for women. Each one has its own unique features, all designed to ensure the same unique experience. Feel the difference.

At the heart of the Kinetic project are four pads, which have been completely reengineered to meet three essential design criteria. Each one has its own distinctive features to offer every rider the best custom-fit solution. Now you can choose a pad based solely on what you need.

1. Don't see the protection, feel it! Unlike traditional pads, the shape of the foam is orientated towards the most crucial point of rider-bike contact, the saddle, where it morphs and adapts to give you an unprecedented connection with the bike. Northwave has got rid of all the seams and prints that came into contact with your skin to leave room for the bare essentials. They've redesigned the outer edge to minimize all superfluous surfaces so it adapts to the contours of the individual rider.

2. The highest density foam on the market. All the pads have unique foam with a density of 120 kg/m3 and graduated thickness to custom fit different areas and ensure constant support even on long rides.

3. Unrivalled breathability. With 3 mm holes set only 8 mm apart across the entire surface of the pad, no other design can rival the new Kinetic pads when it comes to breathability. Cold sculpted instead of heat moulded, they keep the individual cells open for even better airflow. An antibacterial treatment is applied to all pads to ensure maximum hygiene.

- Superior-support K110 W pad with reverse technology guarantees record-breaking breathability

– BioMap construction with women-specific preshaped panels

– High-compression fabric with exceptional stretch and recovery power provides unique support and a long-lasting fit

– Pill-free, wear-resistant M.I.T.I. Tech Power Sherwood fabric on inside leg

– A perfect-fit waistband with Lycra on the front and soft microfibre elastic at the back

– The leg cuff construction combines a 4.5 cm microfibre band plus gripper with a raw-cut panel for a perfect firm fit without any constriction

– Reflective details on legs and back


Northwave's top-spec shorts for women. The women-specific K110 W pad features the highest load-bearing capacity foam on the market to ensure exceptional support. Made of a high-compression fabric with a special treatment to reduce heat build-up.

The Swift Women's shorts are equipped with the highly supportive K110 W pad with sculpted without heat open-cell construction and 3 mm holes across the entire surface for recordbreaking breathability. The Biomap construction with pre-shaped panels specific for woman ergonomics ensures high wearing comfort. The tremendous contenitive fabric with excellent power recovery provides unique support and long-lasting fit. The shorts have a special treatment which reduces heat build-up and inner legs which are made of anti-pilling wear resistant fabric. The perfectly enveloping waist band is made of Lycra on front and soft elastic microfiber on back. More features are the end leg construction which integrates 4,5cm microfiber elastic with grip to a raw cut panel perfectly wrapping without constrictions and reflective details on legs and on back.

K110 W seat pad: Northwave's top-spec pad for women. Completely redesigned to offer women the perfect fit, and made with the highest density foam on the market for unparalleled support.
Product line: Kinetic Swift

Material 82% polyamide, 18% elastane

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Fact Sheet of Northwave Kinetic Swift Shorts Women's 89161163E - black 10

Product Name: Northwave Kinetic Swift Shorts Women's 89161163E - black 10
Manufacturer: Northwave
Item Code: NOR347706
Material: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane
activity: Bike
gender: women
usage bikesport: Road Bike
washability: 30°C
season: Summer, Spring/Autumn
fit: tight
leg length: short
pants / shorts version: bibless shorts/tights
Model year: 2020
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Black
manufacturer item code: 89161163E
Manufacturer page:
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