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Alpina Twist Five HR S VL+ black matt/Varioflex black - Glasses

Alpina Twist Five HR S VL+ black matt/Varioflex black - Glasses

The S model of the TWIST FIVE HR VL+ is ideally suited for slimmer faces. The lenses offer 100% UV protection and are equipped with self-tinting Varioflex technology which automatically adapts to the prevailing light conditions. The Fogstop coating prevents the lenses from misting up and – thus guaranteeing perfect visibility at all times. With its inclinable arms, the glasses can be adapted to fit any shape of face.

  • Varioflex + fogstop
  • Adaptable Nosepad
  • Adjustable Inclination
  • 2-Comp Design
  • Optimized Airflow
  • Hydrophobic lens

Varioflex + Fogstop:
  • Self-tinting - adjusts to light conditions
  • Covers protection levels S1-S3
  • Medium to high light protection
  • Fogstop coating

Varioflex is a lens technology which allows glasses to adapt to the weather conditions. Just as the chameleon changes to blend in with its surroundings, so these lenses adopt various tints to protect our eyes. The self-tinting photochromic lenses react to UV light, which causes chemical components within them to turn towards the source, producing a shading effect. When the UV light source diminishes, the lenses become lighter again. The process all takes place in a matter of seconds — giving you glasses that are always adjusted to match the changing light conditions.

Fogstop is a coating applied to the inside of the lens. It is not smooth but rough - seen through a microscope it looks quite fissured. This makes it impossible for moisture droplets to form a covering layer, i.e. to mist up the lens, impairing visibility. This could only occur if the humidity level was such that all the fissures filled with water. But before this can happen, the stored moisture actually condenses, keeping the lens clear - no hairdryer required!

Adaptable Notepad: Rubberised adjustable nose pads to ensure a good fit for any width or shape of nose. The rubber effectively prevents slipping and guarantees a secure fit.

Adjustable Inclination: The articulated arms allow the glasses to be tilted away from the forehead during strenuous ascents and tilted back to reduce draft on the way down. Clear, mist-free visibility at all times.

2-Comp Design: The combination of hard frame, soft arm tips and nose pads enhances the fit and comfort of the glasses.

Optimized Airflow: Heavily curved lenses in combination with indirect air flow channeling assure vision that is not impaired by draft or fogging.
Frame color: black
Included in delivery: glasses, microfiber pouch
Lense tint (color): black (Varioflex Black S1-S3)
Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs

Fact Sheet of Alpina Twist Five HR S VL+ black matt/Varioflex black - Glasses

Product Name: Alpina Twist Five HR S VL+ black matt/Varioflex black - Glasses
Manufacturer: Alpina
Item Code: ALP350268
activity: Cycling
material: Composite
eyewear version: Sports glasses
eyewear style: Narrow Faces, Half frame, Twin lens glasses
lens properties: photochromic
for lighting conditons: bad weather - cat. 1, medium - cat. 2, bright - cat. 3
light transmission: 8-80%
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 22g
Manufacturer page: