Ryders Aero Black / Fyre antiFOG Rose Purple-Blue MLV Glasses

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Description of Ryders Aero Black / Fyre antiFOG Rose Purple-Blue MLV Glasses

The front-mounted shield lens gives the Aero loads of style but don’t be fooled, this model isn’t just for strutting around town in your most uncomfortable shoes. From its crazy high-tech FYRE™ lens to its hydrophilic components, the Aero has been designed from the ground up to go as fast as its name suggests.

The lens that changes everything

The five most innovative advancements in sports optics, packed into one lens.
Developed in partnership with Essilor® Sun Solution™, the RYDERS FYRE™ lens is the only lens of its kind on the planet, with unmatched versatility, fog-resistance and clarity.
NXT® Lens – Advanced impact protection and superior optics.
antiFOG – Military-grade fog-resistance.
VARIA – Fast-acting, wide-range photochromic technology.
COLOUR BOOST – 20% faster colour recognition.
Multi Layer VARIA™ (MLV) MIRROR – Allows VARIA™ to perform at its full potential.

Lens features

100% UV400 Protection
All of Ryders lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and harmful, high energy light to 400nm. These rays are a leading cause of cataracts, skin cancer and wrinkles around the eyes—all great reasons to block them out.

It really doesn't matter how many cutting-edge technologies are included in a lens, if it fogs up it's all for naught. RYDERS high-quality antiFOG will stave off condensation so you can enjoy all of the other benefits of the lens without the hazardous distraction of fog.

As the lens darkens, it boosts the most important tones, accelerating and improving recognition of some colours by 20%. Its unique chemistry dramatically enhances your perception of primary colours, providing faster colour recognition, more defined colours, and a vibrant, crystal clear view of the world around you.

Hydrophobic + Oleophobic Coating
An altogether misleading name, this coating isn't nearly as scared of water as water is of the coating. In fact, water runs away at first contact, leaving clear lines of sight that are free from droplets and water marks. The Oleophobic characteristics repel dirt and grease, making the lenses very easy to clean.

MLV MIRROR (Mulit-Layer VARIA™ Mirror)
Mirror coatings on the photochromic lenses of other brands reflect away much of the light that is needed to activate their photosensitive properties. The remarkable efficiency of the patented MLV Mirror allows the VARIA photochromic lens to perform at its full potential.

NXT® Lens
Developed over a period of 12 years, NXT is an Essilor Sun Solution proprietary performance polymer which was originally developed for fighter jet canopies and the windshields of military helicopters. When cast as a lens it provides extreme impact resistance and superior optics.

Scratch-Resistant Coating
All of Ryder's lenses have applied a scratch-resistant coating. Though this process makes the surface of the lens considerably harder than the base lens material, it’s impossible to make the lenses completely scratch proof (short of making them from diamonds) so please care for them properly as they may still scratch under certain conditions.

With its fast-acting, wide-range photochromic technology, the VARIA lens responds very quickly and reliably, no matter what the temperature. In addition, it actually changes the colour of the lenses throughout their range instead of simply getting lighter or darker. This allows them to shift from a tint that has advantages in the dark, to a different, more suitable tone when conditions are bright.

Frame Technology

Grilamid TR90
A Swiss technology, this incredible thermoplastic is the material used in all of Ryders sunglasses (with the exception of the metal frames). Its extreme flexibility, durability and light weight make it the perfect material for performance eyewear.

Hydrophilic Nose Pads + Temple Tips
Hydrophilic [anti-slip] nose pads are an important feature to look for in performance eyewear. Hydrophilic temple tips give that extra little bit of grip that can come in handy in many situations. The material is so effective that it actually grips better when it’s wet — exactly when it’s needed.

Adjustable Nose Pads + Temple Tips
Adjustable nose pads and temple tips allow you to customize the fit of your eyewear for comfort and stability. These components are also used for fine-tuning the amount of airflow behind the lens to keep your face cool and combat fogging.

Ultra Durable / Flexible Frame
This frame is designed to be flexible, not only for an accommodating, comfortable fit but also for durability. A flexible goggle frame will absorb impact, resisting damage and injury better than a rigid frame.
Frame color: Black
Included in delivery: incl. bag
Lense tint (color): FYRE™ Rose – Purple with Blue MLV
Material frame: Grilamid TR90
Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs
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Fact Sheet of Ryders Aero Black / Fyre antiFOG Rose Purple-Blue MLV Glasses

Product Name: Ryders Aero Black / Fyre antiFOG Rose Purple-Blue MLV Glasses
Manufacturer: Ryders
Item Code: RYE361954
activity: Bike
material: Composite
eyewear version: Sports glasses
eyewear style: Half frame, Twin lens glasses
lens properties: photochromic, mirrored
for lighting conditons: bad weather - cat. 1, medium - cat. 2
lens material: NXT®
light transmission: 19-47%
Model year: 2018
Color: Black
weight: 28g
Manufacturer page: https://www.ryderseyewear.com/
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  • Fact Sheet
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