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Primus CampFire Chopsticks

Primus CampFire Chopsticks

Some food can only be eaten using chopsticks. Full stop. The CampFire Chopsticks are made of rosewood and brass. They consist of two detachable parts to make packing and storing them easier. Simply screw them together when it’s dinner time. The coupling in threaded brass makes them sturdy when in use. Includes a fabric cover.
Dimensions in mm (L/W/H): height: 247 mm
diameter: 9 mm
Material: rosewood, brass
Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs

Fact Sheet of Primus CampFire Chopsticks

Product Name: Primus CampFire Chopsticks
Manufacturer: Primus
Item Code: PRM375818
activity: Outdoor
cookware version: Cutlery
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
weight: 50g