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Primus Winter Gas Cartridge - 230g

Primus Winter Gas Cartridge - 230g

For cold temperatures down to -22 ° C Primus has developed the Winter Gas.

Anyone who has ever used a gas stove in cold weather knows this scenario: the lower the temperature, the worse the performance of the stove. And while the stove is burning, the performance keeps decreasing - until it runs out. Even though the cartridge is not even empty! Why? 1. the cartridge becomes emptier, the pressure drops. 2. evaporation (liquid to gas) creates an additional self-cooling effect - and liquid gas evaporates worse the colder it gets.

Details about Primus Winter Gas

How does it work?

The key innovation in Primus Winter Gas™ is Vapor Mesh™, a highly dimensionally stable, synthetic non-woven material inside the cartridge that acts like an absorbent blotting paper. Vapor Mesh increases the surface area from which pressurized liquid gas can transition to a gaseous state. More surface area means more evaporation, and the pressure inside the cartridge is higher. So, compared to conventional cartridges, you can cook with your gas stove even at temperatures where it was hardly possible or impossible before.

In comparison

If you compare two brand new, full cartridges of Power Gas and Winter Gas, the difference is only slight, because the pressure in both is approximately the same. As the cartridges get emptier in use, the difference becomes more noticeable. Why? Every evaporation process produces cold, so this is also the case when liquid gas evaporates in the cartridge. With Power Gas, the container pressure ergo decreases because a) the cartridge becomes emptier and b) the gas evaporates less and less due to the cooling effect. With Winter Gas, this also happens, but at the same time the surface area of the exposed vapor mesh increases, compensating for some of the decreasing gas pressure. After you have used the cartridge for cooking for about 60 minutes, Winter Gas is about 9% more efficient than Power Gas. After 120 minutes, it delivers about 15% more power. With Power Gas, the stove burns with less and less power - and when it's cold enough, eventually not at all.

Fact Sheet of Primus Winter Gas Cartridge - 230g

Product Name: Primus Winter Gas Cartridge - 230g
Manufacturer: Primus
Item Code: PRM376349
activity: Outdoor
dimensions (l/w/h): 108/108/85mm
fuel: Gas
stove connector: Screw Thread Cartridge
stove accessories: Camping Fuel
content: 230g
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
weight: 390g