Campagnolo Super Record Disc Brake Ergopower + Hydraulic Caliper - Flat Mount - right | 12-speed

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Description of Campagnolo Super Record Disc Brake Ergopower + Hydraulic Caliper - Flat Mount - right | 12-speed

The Super Record 2x12-speed groupset is the highest expression of the prestigious Italian brand's technology and evolution. It is meant for those who want to fit their bicycle with the best Campagnolo has to offer in terms of performance and distinction. The drive to improve what is already considered a reference point results in every single detail being tended to, including the most minute.

The Super Record components are both extremely lightweight and very sturdy. This groupset is the crowned jewel of Campagnolo's innovation and the technologies, the materials and the expertise that the groupset is made with place it in a category apart.

In order to make optimum use of the 24 gears' full potential and to always find the ideal transmission ratio for every gradient, the drive components - above all the 12-speed cassette, which has one additional sprocket at unchanged space requirements - have been perfectly matched to one another. For excellent braking performance and control the rider can choose between Dual pivot and direct mount rim brakes as well as Campagnolo's own disc brake technology.

The hydraulic disc brake set includes a mechanical Campagnolo Ergopower control lever and a hydraulic Flat Mount brake caliper for 140 or 160 mm disc. This brake system is filled and bleed.

Campagnolo Super Record Disc Brake Ergopower dual control lever

More ergonomic, more precise, more powerful and easier to maintain.

Comfort, control, speed and responsiveness are some of the main features of a bike's controls, helping keep all situations under control. The Campagnolo Super Record 2x12-speed Ergopower controls for disc brakes offer an ergonomic, comfortable and safe support and grip thanks to Vari Cushion technology, essential for those who stay on the saddle for several hours.

The controls’ inner workings are a concentration of technology and experience, starting with the "One Lever, One Action" function, which assigns each lever a single function, helping avoid shifting errors at tired or distracting moments, and then continue with the multiple shifting option which allows up- or downshifting by up to 5 sprockets at a time thanks to the Ultra Shift mechanism. This function allows you to maintain cadence even in case of sudden changes of incline or rhythm, with speed and ease as useful as it is surprising.

Furthermore, the 2x12-speed Ergopower controls offer lever adjustability that utilizes Reach Adjustment to move the brake lever closer to the low grip, thus adapting to the different hand sizes. AMS Adjustment allows modulating the moment of shift engagement through the use of dedicated levers. The brake levers are engineered with a double curvature for improved grip and are lightened with two slots that are added to the one dedicated to reach adjustment.

Ultra Shift mechanism

Safe grip on handlebars in all positions and faster, more precise command on levers. The Ultra Shift mechanism features differentiated maximum number of upshifting clicks depending on the starting sprocket. This is how the mechanical groupset allows multiple shifting (up to 5 sprockets). Rapid positioning on the combination desired when there is a steep increase in the slope or when approaching a bend (up to 4 combinations with chain on the first 4 sprockets, up to 3 combinations with chain above the fourth sprocket).

Vari Cushion brake lever hoods

Natural silicone material with differentiated areas to follow the grip of the 1st and 2nd finger. The grooved areas drain away water, keeping the brake lever hoods dry and improving grip. Internal weave to create a variable thickness that guarantees maximum possible comfort.

Hydraulic Campagnolo Flat Mount disc brake caliper

Powerful, modulable and reliable.

The Campagnolo Flat Mount brake calipers ensure powerful, modular braking in any situation owing to pistons measuring 22 mm in diameter. Brake pad return guaranteed by a magnetic system ensures that there is no friction at the time of brake lever release. A special metal plate positioned between the pad and the caliper piston, cushions the vibrations during braking.

The different Campagnolo brake calipers were designed to be mounted together with the disc chosen by the rider and to always guarantee the highest level of performance. Careful attention was given to making maintenance and assembly operations easy: the pads have wear indicators and replacing them is facilitated by the absence of physical return springs. Additionally, work was done on the insertion of the disc in the caliper to make changing the wheel easier and faster.

Flat Mount

Campagnolo disc brake calipers are suitable on all Flat Mount forks and frames. Thanks to this standard the assembly is allowed without converters or adapters. While the caliper is assembled directly on the fork, increasing a lot the stiffness of the complete system. This is the ideal configuration for racing. The Campagnolo solution needs only 2 bolts for assembling the caliper on the fork. This allows to leave out the two bolts that you can’t inspect.

Brake pads

Removing the pads you can immediately understand if you need to replace them. The replacement is needed when the thickness of the compound reaches the wear indicator at 1.5 mm.

Chamfered bottoms allow for easier wheel replacement because the rotor is helped from the pads shapes when entering in the caliper A metal sheet damps the vibrations coming from the braking phase. Semi-metallic formulation tuning provide the use in dry and wet condition without compromises.

Note: Brake disc is not included. It can be ordered separately.
Brake caliper: Flat Mount
Brake fluid: mineral oil
Brake hose: Campangolo
Brake lever: right, for hydraulic disc brakes
Braking pads: organic
Disc: optional: Campagnolo 03 AFS
Included in delivery: right 12-speed Ergopower control + brake caliper
incl. shifting cable and brake hose, filled and bleed
without brake disc
Manufacturer item code: EP19-SRD12RR4 (for 140 mm brake discs)
EP19-SRD12RR6 (for 160 mm brake discs)
Material: body
lever: carbon
caliper: aluminium
Weight supplement: pair of Ergopower levers)
approx. 115 gram (single caliper)
(manufacturer's specs
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Fact Sheet of Campagnolo Super Record Disc Brake Ergopower + Hydraulic Caliper - Flat Mount - right | 12-speed

Product Name: Campagnolo Super Record Disc Brake Ergopower + Hydraulic Caliper - Flat Mount - right | 12-speed
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM377164
activity: Bike
usage bikesport: Road Bike
brake actuation: hydraulic
disc brake version: Rear Wheel
brake caliper: Flatmount
Model year: 2020
Color: Black
weight: 462g
Manufacturer page:
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Selection: Campagnolo Super Record Disc Brake Ergopower + Hydraulic Caliper - Flat Mount - right | 12-speed
Still 2 in stock in stock, delivery time 2-3 weeks Brake Caliper Version for 140 mm brake discs
Still 1 in stock in stock, delivery time 2-3 weeks Brake Caliper Version for 160 mm brake discs
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