Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey - blackSeries

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Description of Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey - blackSeries

The race-bred, lightweight and waterproof jersey engineered to satisfy your highest demands on the bike.

What’s different?
A real labour of love for the internal textile laboratory, the Liberty first entered the pro peloton in 2017 in a number of prototype iterations, each based on direct feedback from their partners at BMC Racing Team after having originally been realised to satisfy what the team saw as a gap in their clothing arsenal. After intensive trialling by team riders, Assos is proud to present the EQUIPE RS thermo rain jersey, also known as the Liberty, the race-bred, lightweight, waterproof jersey.

As denoted by its internal label, they classify it as a ‘rain thermo racing device.’ It’s a high-tech piece of equipment that Assos have stringently engineered to be as watertight as necessary, as aerodynamic as possible, and as low volume as needed when performing at your maximum. Assos is confident in the power of this short-sleeved jersey to play a vital role in keeping you warm and dry in the saddle. Unlike conventional approaches to thermal rain jerseys, the Liberty relies on Assos' non-porous Stratagon Light which remains lightweight and able to perform even when wet. It’s no surprise to Assos that other WorldTour teams have expressed an interest in purchasing this product already.
Assos cycling specific body mapping has informed the precise placement of 5 textiles, 13 patterns and 10 components to ensure that this ergonomically cut jersey can slice through the air rapidly while being immune to wind, rain and cool temperatures. Efforts to elevate the Liberty’s performance are evident in the considered rear ventilation slots known as squamoVenTech; the reduction of the number of stitches to minimize the risk of water entering; the double, dual-direction zipper; the large reflective panel on the rear for visibility; three optimally positioned rear pockets lined with a breathable mesh for the rider’s comfort; taped seams; and ultra-sonic bonding.

The Liberty’s distinctive design is based on the latest intel: HI-AMtec [HeatInject - AccessMap]. The left chest panel over the rider’s heart benefits from a layer of Schloss Tex, thereby ensuring additional warmth and improved blood circulation by targeting the source directly. For Assos, this is aligned with Assos' objective of reducing volume while riding – ensuring that riders are equipped for all conditions without the need for extra bulk when racing.

When to use?
The Liberty is designed with racing and high performance in mind, which means Assos recommend you use it over your normal short-sleeved jersey at the start of the ride. As the ride intensity increases the double zips allow you to tune to the conditions, using just one hand to increase or decrease the ventilation–making it an ideal choice for undulating routes and changeable conditions. If you’re lucky enough, drop back to your team car and leave it with them as the weather improves. However now it’s no longer a WorldTour exclusive, it’s a valid layering addition for any rider as it provides thermal protection and the necessary water-resistance in the event of rain and storms. For added protection they would recommend pairing with arm warmers. If the weather is cool, Tiburu thermal bib shorts would be a good match.

Features of the LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey

  • Stratagon Light: Windproof, water-resistant and breathable material developed jointly with Assos' fabric suppliers to meet the needs. Allows Assos to create highly effective and lightweight protective panels. Waterproofness up to 20 mt, high breathability 35.000 GR/M2/24H inverted-cup method.
  • Schloss Tex: This purpose-created textile is the most lightweight and waterproof soft-shell. Stretchy, extremely comfortable and highly packable, this 3-layer construction has excellent abrasion resistance and relies on a hydrophilic membrane. Waterproof up to 10 MT. High breathability MVP 27.100 gr/m²/24h JIS L 1099 B-1:2006. On the Liberty it is deployed internally on the left side of the chest to retain warmth around the heart and promote blood circulation.
  • Reflex: Highly reflective rear panel for riding in low-light conditions.
  • squamoVenTech: Strategically positioned ventilation slots on the upper back.
  • Aero Racing: The Liberty exemplifies the Assos competence of tailoring cycling-specific, high performance apparel, using custom-made, avant-garde fabrics that have been engineered with the sole purpose of performance cycling in mind. Ergonomically shaped to fit your body in the cycling position, it ‘clicks on’ then follows your movements thanks to the Aero Racing body-mapped performance.
  • Rear pockets lined with Tech Sheen: Three optimally positioned, raw-cut taped rear pockets constructed with a waterproof material. Low volume and minimal risk of abrasion. Lined with Tech Sheen 3D mesh for added breathability and moisture management.
  • Cordura: Aerodynamic and waterproof, this proprietary fabric has been deployed on the collar.
  • Taped seams: Deployed across the shoulders and the front zip, these increase the watertight properties of the jacket.
  • Internal silicon on the rear, wide, elastic hem: Added for stability and fit, these silicon grips ensure an ergonomic, race-tuned fit.
  • DWR: As not every day comes with unbroken sunshine, Assos have treated this product to DWR (Durable Water Repellency) to protect you from rainfall.
  • Double, taped zip: Slim, lightweight double zipper for individually adjusting to the conditions. Anti-pilling protector eliminates the risk of abrasion when in contact with bib shorts.
  • Raw cut edges: Now tailored with a more ergonomic cut than earlier prototypes, the ultrasonic bonding and raw-cut design ensures the sleeves and collar are ultra fast, comfortable, and able to withstand the elements.
  • Ultra-sonic bonding: Deployed on the front hem, sleeves, and ventilation for aero gains and longevity.
  • Understated design featuring red accents and two bonded Assos logos on the left shoulder and central rear pocket.

Assos Advanced Creative Design Center is pleased to announce the outcome of their latest intel: specific research on the human body’s temperature regulation when riding in racing conditions.

HI-AMtec [HeatInject - AccessMap]
Put simply, this is how it works: Think of it like the principle of floor heating, where cold water is heated prior to running through the system instead of emitting heat into a room with a traditional fireplace. In the case of cycling, the water refers to your blood. Through Assos' HI – AMtec concept essentially ‘inject’ warmth into your system [in this case, your blood] by accessing this stream as it runs through the pump – your heart. By doing so, they bring ‘hot water’ to the system, resulting in an elevated sense of overall body warmth, using the bloodstream as a conductor of warmth. This tech has been prototyped and developed by the ASSOS Werksmannschaft and real-world tested by the WorldTour roadLab tech partner, BMC Racing Team. Now Assos have made this apparel engineering commercially available for the first time on the NEW groundbreaking EQUIPE RS thermo rain jersey mod. LIBERTY RS 23 HI - AMtec by Assos. Another major step forward on the never-ending quest towards total comfort in the saddle.
Material name by manufacturer: Stratagon Light, Schloss Tex

Material 44% polyamide, 32% polypropylene, 20% elastane, 4% polyester

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Fact Sheet of Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey - blackSeries

Product Name: Assos LIBERTY RS23 Thermo Rain Jersey - blackSeries
Manufacturer: Assos
Item Code: ASS378373
Material: 44% polyamide, 32% polypropylene, 20% elastane, 4% polyester
activity: Bike
gender: men
usage bikesport: Road Bike, MTB
season: Summer, Spring/Autumn
fit: tight
sleeves: Short sleeve
upper clothing top features: Full zipper
back pockets: 3
Model year: 2020
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Black
  • Description
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