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MarshGuard FCK Flats Tire Insert

MarshGuard FCK Flats Tire Insert

Foam Core Kinetics is Marshguards revolutionary new tyre insert. Designed to help protect your rims and tyres. Engineered using high density foam and tested on World Cup DH circuit – with multiple wins! Comes as 29″ and can be easily cut to fit 26″ & 27.5″. Simple fitting instructions.

The highlights of the FCK Flats tire insert:

  • Specifically made of high density foam
  • Race proven in Downhill World Cup - proven by several victories
  • Low weight (104g for 29")
  • Protects your tires and rims
  • Minimum sealant absorption
  • Dampens strong impacts
  • Suitable for 2.35-2.6 tires and 25-35mm rims (outer width)

FCK Flats Installation Guide:

  • 1) It is best to start with a new tyre
  • 2) Cut FCK Flats® to size and join with provided velcro
  • 3) Install one side of the tyre bead, then install FCK Flats® into the tyre
  • 4) Remove the valve core from your tubeless valve
  • 5) Install the second bead, being careful not to over stretch the tyre
  • 6) Re-fit valve core and inflate tyre to seat both beads
  • 7) Once seated, deflate tyre and remove valve core
  • 8) Press the tyre down to ensure FCK Flats® is flat and sitting evenly on the rim (see note)
  • 9) Squirt tubeless sealant in through the valve stem and refit the valve core
  • 10) Inflate tyre and spin the wheel to check the tyre is running straight, if not, deflate and repeat step 8.

Please note: If the FCK Flats® is not sitting correctly then work the tyre until it sits flat. It is very important the FCK Flats® is sitting flat and evenly inside the tyre.

Fact Sheet of MarshGuard FCK Flats Tire Insert

Product Name: MarshGuard FCK Flats Tire Insert
Manufacturer: MarshGuard
Item Code: MGD408231
activity: Cycling
tire/tube accessories version: Pinch Flat Protection
Model year: 2022
weight: 104g