Ecco Biom Omniquest Outdoor Shoe 853114 - Navajo Brown 11114

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Description of Ecco Biom Omniquest Outdoor Shoe 853114 - Navajo Brown 11114

This trend shoe in a versatile design is a combination of a trendy city shoe and a performance shoe, which is characterized by comfort in everyday life and its robust, stable sole. High-quality upper material made of ECCO yak leather with small perforations makes the shoe particularly breathable. A soft textile lining ensures a fit close to the foot and lets the air circulate in the shoe. A flexible outsole with a special structure provides a secure grip in all weather and ground conditions and BIOM® technology respects the natural foot shape to optimize walking efficiency.

This sleek, lightweight multisport shoe range combined with BIOM NATURAL MOTION® technology allows you to conquer any outdoor adventure you seek. Rich yak leather upper with perforations provides optimal breathability with a soft, snug feel. Very breathable textile lining ensures an optimal climate for your feet. FLUIDFORM™ DIP injection PU platform and a BIOM anatomical last provide long-lasting cushioning and outstanding walking comfort. A low-to-the-ground sole construction provides a natural position for the foot and excellent ground responsiveness. Flexible TPU outsole with a unique grid pattern provides the ultimate grip for all surfaces.


Built for versatility, this on-trend shoe bridges the gap between street-smart sneaker and performance footwear, emphasising everyday comfort and providing a robust and stable base for every step. Rich ECCO yak leather uppers are given additional breathability through tiny perforations in the surface. A soft textile lining makes for a snug fit and allows air to circulate. A flexible outsole with a unique grid pattern gives all-weather grip on any surface and BIOM® Technology works with the natural shape of the foot to improve efficiency of movement.


Using a unique moulding last for anatomical accuracy and increased flexibility, innovative BIOM® Technology works with the natural contours of the foot to improve the efficiency of movement and offer extended comfort. The low-built outsole adapts to the natural position of the foot and allows for greater responsiveness in each step. FLUIDFORM™ Injection Technology uses specialised, durable materials and anatomical engineering to create lightweight and flexible soles that cushion and absorb shock with every step. The upper is bonded seamlessly to the sole, without the need for glue or stitching.


The Scandinavian roots inspire Ecco's philosophy. Unique, minimalistic design, intuitive functionality, and the softest leathers that enhance the experience both now, and over time. Innovative technology fused with ancient craftsmanship to create the exceptional quality, utility, and outstanding durability that are fundamental to ECCO.

Yak leather:

Yaks live in the extreme climate of the Tibetan plateau. The properties that protect yaks from warm summer weather and cold winter weather in the mountains provide an excellent leather that is suitable for all seasons of the year. Due to the thin, compact collagen fibres and the narrow, fine grain, the leather can be cut very thinly in order to retain all its good properties at low weight. Yak leather is characterized by its exceptional appearance, which varies from leather to leather. The rustic appearance is accentuated by strong grain and natural properties. Yak leather is robust and abrasion resistant, yet breathable and soft. It is very stretchable without bulging.


Ecco FLUIDFORM™ is a technology developed by Ecco over thirty years that enables the production of ergonomically optimized soles. By directly injecting tough, cushioning material into the shoe mold, we achieve a seamless and instant bond between sole and upper without the traditional compromises of glue and seam joints. The result is a reliable and durable connection between upper and sole unit that offers a balanced weight balance of cushioning and flexibility.

PU - polyurethane:

Polyurethane is used to produce various foams and foam materials, which are used for shoe soles, mattresses, gaskets, floors, insulation materials and much more. PU soles are sprayed directly onto the shoe under high pressure and heat. They have high thermal insulation and good insulating properties. Polyurethane foams are available as soft or hard foam.


The BIOM NATURAL MOTION® technology is based on the natural shape of the foot and the natural movement sequences of the foot. It strengthens the muscles and ligaments in the foot and leg with every step. The movements become more efficient, more even and more powerful when rolling. Ecco Biom impresses with fewer seams, an anatomical last shape that adapts to the curves of the foot, a construction close to the ground and greater flexibility. These features provide a sock-like fit and effortless barefoot walking comfort.
Purpose: outdoor
Specifics: BIOM NATURAL MOTION® technology
Weight supplement: manufacturer's specs
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Fact Sheet of Ecco Biom Omniquest Outdoor Shoe 853114 - Navajo Brown 11114

Product Name: Ecco Biom Omniquest Outdoor Shoe 853114 - Navajo Brown 11114
Manufacturer: Ecco
Item Code: ECC408519
activity: Outdoor, Leisure, Hiking
gender: men
textile fabric: Leather
shoe type: Loafers
Model year: 2019
Season: Spring/Summer
Color: Brown
weight: 341g
Manufacturer page:
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Selection: Ecco Biom Omniquest Outdoor Shoe 853114 - Navajo Brown 11114
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  • Description
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Most comfortable shoes I've ever had. Have many pairs of ECCO Shoes all of which are comfy, but these take the prize. This is my second pair of this model and could not find these in the US, Bike24 was one the best and fastest sites I've dealt with, ordered on a Thursday night and shoes came Wednesday and that's to the US!
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