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Zone3 Men's Vanquish Wetsuit - black/gun metal/orange

Zone3 Men's Vanquish Wetsuit - black/gun metal/orange

220 Triathlon - Awards 2019 - Winner!

Industry awards:

Triathlete Magazine USA: Best in Class 2017
220 Triathlon: Best on Test, 94% Rating. 2017
Triathlete Plus: Gold Award – 5/5 Rating. 2017
220 Triathlon: Best Value – 2018.

What makes this product different:

  • Proclaimed as Zone3’s best ever wetsuit with unbeatable performance.
  • Designed to feel like you’re not wearing a wetsuit. New panel layout to ensure even better body contouring and fit.
  • Unparalleled flexibility through the shoulders, arms, chest and back with a full-span 1.5mm Yamamoto #40 SCS neoprene.
  • New ultra-thin 0.3mm BRS SCS material on arms for lighter weight and reduced arm fatigue.
  • Incredibly flexible and buoyant. Super fast and smooth in the water.
  • Panel design, materials and innovative features result in an incredible swim which doesn’t compare to any other wetsuit on the market.
  • Plethora of design awards based on performance, comfort, innovation and price.
  • Every suit comes with an exclusive Vanquish Dry Bag.

The Vanquish truly shows the laser precision and innovation which goes into the Zone3 product range.

The Vanquish has built the reputation as the fastest and most comfortable wetsuit on the market and has been used and loved by thousands of amateur triathletes and swimmers as well as some of the best athletes in the world. Ironman distance athletes, such as Tim Don, love the suit for its high levels of comfort and flexibility around the shoulders and Sprint/Olympic distance athletes such as Jake Birtwhistle for its speed and mega-buoyancy.

The largest triathlon magazine in the USA, Triathlete™, reviewing the new Vanquish and awarding it the ‘BEST IN CLASS’ award, followed by the ‘Best on Test’ award from UK based 220 Triathlon in 2017. Triathlon Plus magazine stated the suit was ‘as close to perfection as you can get with a wetsuit and there really is nothing to fault’. With two of the top awards in the world it’s easy to see why so many athletes have made the switch to the Vanquish to help get their performance to the next level.

In addition, the response from the top coaches who have tested the wetsuit has been overwhelming; with many agreeing that the Vanquish takes performance and comfort to new levels and is incredibly fast.

So much thought, design and testing has gone into Zone3's flagship product that it’s hard to know where to start when listing the features. You will find a wealth of information below of the Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit.

Pursuing perfect and key design points:

The suit is designed to make sure the shoulder, arms, upper back and latissimus dorsi have as much flexibility as possible. This is combined with some of the world's most buoyant materials around the quads, hips and glutes. This is how it's been achieved:

1. Zone3's highly praised ultra thin one-piece shoulder panel has now been extended from the middle of the chest to the centre of the back. You can see a flat-plan drawing of this panel to show you how much unrestricted flexibility the suit offers around the arms and shoulders. This panel is only 1.5mm thick and made with Yamamoto's premium #40 SCS which is one of the lightest and highest stretch materials available

The extension of this area combined with the lack of seams make the suit extremely comfortable, allows for improved chest expansion and enables a higher elbow position in the water. As soon as you put this suit on you can really feel the difference.

This is now combined with an innovative new ultra-thin 0.3mm Yamamoto BRS SCS material on the arm sleeves. This is the world’s thinnest SCS neoprene and reduces the weight and buoyancy of the arms. This allows a quicker stroke recovery after the catch phase and reduces arm fatigue during the swim, perfect for swims of 1.5km or more.

The focus on ensuring maximum flexibility means you can increase your distance per stroke, conserve energy and minimise the risk of shoulder injuries.

2. Zone3 have extended the area of this same high stretch fabric across the shoulder blades and from under the forearm down to the hip. This is the 2mm #39 Gunmetal SCS used under the arms you can see in the product photos. This material is very soft and is also highly flexible but at the same times helps to maintain the structure of the suit over an extended period of time. The panel design really helps to maximise the propulsion you can achieve with each stroke and ensures a fluid roll with each arm pull.

3. New chest panel design continues the focused hip and core buoyancy up through the torso to the centre of the chest with 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome. This acts like a roll-bar to help promote the essential torso rotation between each stroke, aids in course sighting during the swim navigation and keeps up core body warmth.

4. The hip and core areas are made up from a combination of three different materials, each with a thickness of 5mm which is the maximum allowed under ITU rules. These panels are:
  • NBR construction side panels designed to work in unison with the front leg panels. NBR is a super buoyant material which is commonly used in life jackets. This material is sandwiched between two layers of neoprene to ensure maximum lift in the water.
  • Aerodome materials used on the front legs from the hips to the knees to help support the core leg muscles. This material is designed with air bubbles built between the fabric layers to make it lighter and more buoyant, producing up to 30% more buoyancy than conventional neoprene.
  • 39 cell SCS neoprene used on the glutes, again with a 5mm thickness.

5. Full use of Yamamoto fabrics designed to ensure superb all-over body flexibility, comfort and performance. Zone3 work on new developments with Yamamoto as a chosen supplier because the neoprene offers fantastic performance features including:
  • Speed: The aqua dynamic 'SCS' Nano coating applied to the neoprene creates almost zero drag through the water. A drag coefficient of just 0.021 compared with 4.0 for regular neoprene wetsuits. The SCS coating also prevents the suit from absorbing water, therefore avoiding excess weight in the wetsuit.
  • Flexibility: A massive 480-580% in elongation, compared with human skin (under arm) which is just 60-70%. Superior flexibility and comfort with an expansion of 7x conventional wetsuit materials.
  • Buoyancy: Derived from limestone rather than oil which offers a 23% higher closed-cell structure. This significantly increasing the buoyancy levels for the swimmer.
  • Warmth: High heat retention: Keeping the body warmer in colder waters to help reduce body fatigue and improve performance.
  • Eco: The neoprene is also derived from limestone opposed to petroleum which is more environmentally friendly.

Features of the Zone3 Vanquish Wetsuit

  • Ultra-thin laser bonded neck panel: Comfort is further maximised with the innovative new 1.5mm moulded collar which is so soft and light you’ll be questioning whether you even have your wetsuit on! It allows a tighter fit on the body without feeling any discomfort around the neck. As soon as you try this unique design you may never want to wear any other wetsuit again.
  • Sensory Catch Panel: Aeroforce fabric is used on the forearms to give an improved feeling and catch in the water. Rather than a traditional rubber fabric, the Vanquish uses a double layer of high performance, water repellent Lycra-based fabric. This firstly reduces arm fatigue, as there is not as much buoyancy resistance during the catch phases of the stroke, but also allows the swimmer to improve their efficiency in the water. No water can enter the suit but you will feel the coolness of the water on the forearm panel which helps to align your hand and forearm during the stroke to give more propulsion and also a more natural feeling swim.
  • Innovative Silk-Fit inner lining used on the body and legs to make the suit feel extremely comfortable next to the skin and also make putting the suit on easier than ever before.
  • Zone3's trademark Pro Speed Cuff™ on the arms and the legs for rapid removal after the swim to ensure the quickest transitions, saving you vital time on any course.
  • Downwards YKK zipper making the suit easy to put on and take off
  • New contemporary neon colours and detailing for improved looks when being worn.

The Vanquish is something Zone3 is extremely passionate and excited about. They put everything they know and love into the design and have leveraged physics to make it the fastest wetsuit possible. It makes use of some of the world’s highest performance materials and combines these with a thoroughly researched panel design to ensure maximum flexibility and balanced buoyancy.

It is imperative you are fitted with the correct size. For information on how to select the correct size for you take a look at the sizechart in pictures.

Material 100% polyamide

Fact Sheet of Zone3 Men's Vanquish Wetsuit - black/gun metal/orange

Product Name: Zone3 Men's Vanquish Wetsuit - black/gun metal/orange
Manufacturer: Zone3
Item Code: ZON413677
Material: 100% polyamide
activity: Triathlon
gender: men
textile fabric: Neoprene
with compression: no
fit: Race Fit
leg length: long
sleeves: Long sleeve
upper clothing top features: Rear Zipper
seatpad: no
body version: Neoprene Suit
Model year: 2021
Season: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 1800g
Manufacturer page:


In the following tables you will find information on the dress sizes of the manufacturer .

Category: Outerwear / Pants



International XS S M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL
Germany 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58
C. waist (cm) 76 80 84 88 92 96 100 106
D. hips (cm) 92 96 100 104 108 112 116 122
E. inseam (cm) 79.5 80 80.5 81 81.5 82 82.5 83

International XS Germany 44

C. waist (cm) 76
D. hips (cm) 92
E. inseam (cm) 79.5

International S Germany 46

C. waist (cm) 80
D. hips (cm) 96
E. inseam (cm) 80

International M Germany 48

C. waist (cm) 84
D. hips (cm) 100
E. inseam (cm) 80.5

International L Germany 50

C. waist (cm) 88
D. hips (cm) 104
E. inseam (cm) 81

International XL Germany 52

C. waist (cm) 92
D. hips (cm) 108
E. inseam (cm) 81.5

International XXL Germany 54

C. waist (cm) 96
D. hips (cm) 112
E. inseam (cm) 82

International 3XL Germany 56

C. waist (cm) 100
D. hips (cm) 116
E. inseam (cm) 82.5

International 4XL Germany 58

C. waist (cm) 106
D. hips (cm) 122
E. inseam (cm) 83


International S SM M ML L LXL XL 1.5XL 2XL
Germany 128 134 140 146 152 158 164 170 176
US 8 9 10 11 12 14 16 n. a. n. a.
A. body height (cm) 123 - 128 129 - 134 135 - 140 141 - 146 147 - 152 153 - 158 159 - 164 165 - 170 171 - 176
B. chest (cm) 60 - 66 n. a. 67 - 72.5 n. a. 73.5 - 78.5 n. a. 79 - 84 n. a. n. a.
C. waist (cm) 53.5 - 58.5 n. a. 58.5 - 63.5 n. a. 63.5 - 68.5 n. a. 68.5 - 73.5 n. a. n. a.
D. hips (cm) 66 - 71 n. a. 72 - 78 n. a. 79 - 84 n. a. 85 - 90 n. a. n. a.
E. inseam (cm) 56 - 61 n. a. 62 - 67 n. a. 68 - 73 n. a. 81 - 84 n. a. n. a.

International S Germany 128 US 8

A. body height (cm) 123 - 128
B. chest (cm) 60 - 66
C. waist (cm) 53.5 - 58.5
D. hips (cm) 66 - 71
E. inseam (cm) 56 - 61

International SM Germany 134 US 9

A. body height (cm) 129 - 134
B. chest (cm) n. a.
C. waist (cm) n. a.
D. hips (cm) n. a.
E. inseam (cm) n. a.

International M Germany 140 US 10

A. body height (cm) 135 - 140
B. chest (cm) 67 - 72.5
C. waist (cm) 58.5 - 63.5
D. hips (cm) 72 - 78
E. inseam (cm) 62 - 67

International ML Germany 146 US 11

A. body height (cm) 141 - 146
B. chest (cm) n. a.
C. waist (cm) n. a.
D. hips (cm) n. a.
E. inseam (cm) n. a.

International L Germany 152 US 12

A. body height (cm) 147 - 152
B. chest (cm) 73.5 - 78.5
C. waist (cm) 63.5 - 68.5
D. hips (cm) 79 - 84
E. inseam (cm) 68 - 73

International LXL Germany 158 US 14

A. body height (cm) 153 - 158
B. chest (cm) n. a.
C. waist (cm) n. a.
D. hips (cm) n. a.
E. inseam (cm) n. a.

International XL Germany 164 US 16

A. body height (cm) 159 - 164
B. chest (cm) 79 - 84
C. waist (cm) 68.5 - 73.5
D. hips (cm) 85 - 90
E. inseam (cm) 81 - 84

International 1.5XL Germany 170 US n. a.

A. body height (cm) 165 - 170
B. chest (cm) n. a.
C. waist (cm) n. a.
D. hips (cm) n. a.
E. inseam (cm) n. a.

International 2XL Germany 176 US n. a.

A. body height (cm) 171 - 176
B. chest (cm) n. a.
C. waist (cm) n. a.
D. hips (cm) n. a.
E. inseam (cm) n. a.


International XS S M L XL 2XL
Germany 34 36 38 40 42 44
A. body height (cm) n. a. n. a. n. a. n. a. n. a. n. a.
B. chest (cm) 76 - 80 81 - 84 85 - 88 89 - 92 93 - 96 97 - 100
C. waist (cm) 60 - 64 65 - 68 69 - 72 73 - 76 77 - 81 82 - 85
D. hips (cm) 85 - 90 91 - 94 95 - 98 98 - 101 102 - 105 106 - 108
E. inseam (cm) n. a. n. a. n. a. n. a. n. a. n. a.

International XS Germany 34

A. body height (cm) n. a.
B. chest (cm) 76 - 80
C. waist (cm) 60 - 64
D. hips (cm) 85 - 90
E. inseam (cm) n. a.

International S Germany 36

A. body height (cm) n. a.
B. chest (cm) 81 - 84
C. waist (cm) 65 - 68
D. hips (cm) 91 - 94
E. inseam (cm) n. a.

International M Germany 38

A. body height (cm) n. a.
B. chest (cm) 85 - 88
C. waist (cm) 69 - 72
D. hips (cm) 95 - 98
E. inseam (cm) n. a.

International L Germany 40

A. body height (cm) n. a.
B. chest (cm) 89 - 92
C. waist (cm) 73 - 76
D. hips (cm) 98 - 101
E. inseam (cm) n. a.

International XL Germany 42

A. body height (cm) n. a.
B. chest (cm) 93 - 96
C. waist (cm) 77 - 81
D. hips (cm) 102 - 105
E. inseam (cm) n. a.

International 2XL Germany 44

A. body height (cm) n. a.
B. chest (cm) 97 - 100
C. waist (cm) 82 - 85
D. hips (cm) 106 - 108
E. inseam (cm) n. a.


International 3.5XS 3XS 2.5XS 2XS 1.5XS XS S SM
Germany 86 92 98 104 110 116 122 128
US 2T 2T / 3T 3T 4T 4 4 / 5 5 6 / X
A. body height (cm) 86 87 - 92 93 - 98 99 - 104 105 - 110 111 - 116 117 - 122 123 - 128

International 3.5XS Germany 86 US 2T

A. body height (cm) 86

International 3XS Germany 92 US 2T / 3T

A. body height (cm) 87 - 92

International 2.5XS Germany 98 US 3T

A. body height (cm) 93 - 98

International 2XS Germany 104 US 4T

A. body height (cm) 99 - 104

International 1.5XS Germany 110 US 4

A. body height (cm) 105 - 110

International XS Germany 116 US 4 / 5

A. body height (cm) 111 - 116

International S Germany 122 US 5

A. body height (cm) 117 - 122

International SM Germany 128 US 6 / X

A. body height (cm) 123 - 128