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Formula Selva R 27.5 Inch Fork - 180mm - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - ultraviolet

Formula Selva R 27.5 Inch Fork - 180mm - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - ultraviolet

Selva R represents the “state-of-the-art” of custom tuning for MTB forks. The 2Air technology allows a very precise tuning of the air side. Thanks to the two separate air chambers, you can set the pressure of the positive chamber (Silver) according to weight, like any traditional forks, in addition to that you can also change the pressure of the negative chamber (Bronze) in order to fine-tune the response of the fork in the first part of the travel.

With the CTS Technology the possibilities of customizing the damping are potentially infinite. With the Selva R you get two CTS valves, Gold (installed) and Red (in the box).

Thanks to the Neopos (one is already included into the Selva R) the air spring is further refined, a riding experience that’s not possible to achieve with a traditional air fork.

Selva R creates a tuning potential that has been unachievable until now. Every single parameter of the Selva R can be modified according to your own specific needs. There is no setting you cannot reach. Your riding style is already built into the fork, it’s up to you to unlock it.

Adjustability of Formula Selva R:

  • travel (internally adjustable from 180mm to 170mm)
  • air pressure (positive chamber)
  • air pressure (negative chamber)
  • CTS compression tuning (gold and red incl., 5 further valves available)
  • rebound damping
  • Lockout / -blow off
  • remote (optional)
  • adjustment of progression


The 2AIR technology is designed to achieve the highest level of customization in an air fork. By changing the pressure in the positive chamber (Silver – main chamber) you can decide how much support you have from the fork according to your weight and/or riding style. While on the other hand, by changing the pressure in the negative chamber (Bronze – sensitivity control), you can fine-tune the suppleness of the fork in the initial travel.

NEO POS is a technology that represents the next evolutionary step in air suspension, a cutting-edge innovation that will change your riding experience for the better. NEO POS stands for “new positive”, a technology that improves the behavior of the fork’s positive air chamber. Using the NEO POS the result will be a more constant, predictable and comfortable air suspension. Meaning, more like that of a coil spring suspension comfort.

CTS (Compression Tuning System)
With the CTS Formula offers 3 different kinds of valve heads for soft, medium and firm high speed compression. With this system, a wide range of riding styles is covered and this makes the 33 highly customizable by any rider, using a simple tool that anyone can use in their own workshop.

RCC (Remote Cartridge Contol)
The RCC is an on-the-fly sytem that finely tunes the overall compression. In most of the forks, tuning options must be done on the fork itself or remotely by a mechanical cable rotating a knob. With the RCC, Formula took a completely different approach. RCC is a remote adjustment that becomes integrated into the cartridge. We give the riders the opportunity to adjust the overall compression on the trail, while riding, right from the cockpit. With RCC, the fine tuning of overall compression is controlled by 13 different positions, from fully open to locked out.

HEX (Hexagon Design)
The ability of a fork to resist flexing is a key factor for maximum riding precision. A fork that rebounds too fast may make riding unsafe with an overall lack of control, above all when braking and cornering. In the same way, it is important that the fork is not too stiff, because it may make riding too tiring. When designing the Selva, Formula had the fundamental aim in mind, finding the perfect balance point between stiffness and flex. Thanks to the Hexagon Design, the natural flex of the fork has been dramatically decreased with this lightweight method. In this way, Formula managed to combine the advantages of the standard boost with the stiffness of a traditional fork.

ILS (Integrated Locking System)
The ILS improves the thru-axle design. The lever is easily removable for re-insertion at virtually any position. The ILS can also be used on a rear axle that requires a tool for removal. On top of that, the ILS is designed to prevent overtightening of the front axle, making wheel removal quick and simple. For weight freaks, the ILS can be removed without affecting the functionality of the thru-axle.

IFT (Internal Floating Technology)
The IFT (Internal Floating Technology) is what truly differentiates Formula‘s forks from any other fork. Smoothness is very important in terms of suspension performance. After many tests on stanchion coatings, Formula now knows that they have a minimal effect on reducing friction. With the IFT they wanted to approach this aspect from a very different point of view. All forks, regardless of their stiffness, experience some kind of lateral stress while riding. This type of stress increases the friction of the internal parts. Thanks to Formula’s design, the hydraulic cartridge is structurally merged with the stanchions and lower legs. In a riding situation, the internals compensate for the external stresses placed on the fork. This causes an incredible reduction of friction.
Included in delivery: 1x Selva R
Shock pump
Spring side oil ( FX 250ml )
Cartridge side oil ( OJ 250ml )
Travel spacers : 2 x 20mm | 3 x 10mm
Star Nut 1''1/8 M6
CTS valve
CTS tool
Air side cap tool
Material: 7075 aluminium
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Formula Selva R 27.5 Inch Fork - 180mm - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - ultraviolet

Product Name: Formula Selva R 27.5 Inch Fork - 180mm - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - ultraviolet
Manufacturer: Formula
Item Code: FOR413976
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB, Enduro
brake type: Disc Brake
wheel size: 27,5" / 650B (584mm)
travel fork: 180mm
axle standard: 15x110mm Boost (FW)
air/coil spring: Air spring
fork/shock adjustability: Pressure positive air chamber, Veerconstante luchtdruk negatieve luchtkamer, Air volume, Low speed compression, Low speed rebound, Lockout
fork length (axle to crown): 570mm
stanchion diameter: 35mm
suspension: 2AIR (positive an negative air chamber)
damping: Drop-In Cartridge
fork offset: 46mm
Steerer tube Ø: 1 1/8"-1 1/2" tapered
disc brake mount: PM (6") 160mm, Postmount
max. disc diameter: 203mm
steerer material: Aluminium
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Purple
fork construction: Classic Suspension Fork
weight: 1940g
Manufacturer page: