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Hirzl Grippp Tour FF 2.0 Full Finger Gloves - Navy

Hirzl Grippp Tour FF 2.0 Full Finger Gloves - Navy


The GRIPPP TOUR FF 2.0 is a true sporty all-rounder, no matter if you are riding a MTB or a road bike! The "Form-Fit" inserts in the palm, the "Low-Wrist" construction and the stretchy Lycra backhand membrane ensure an ergonomic fit. Thanks to the lightweight gel padding system and the kangaroo palm leather tanned with the HIRZL GRIPPP™ technology, you will have everything under control even on longer tours!

Details of Grippp Tour FF 2.0

  • GRIPPP: Ultimate grip in dry, wet or humid conditions.
  • Ventilation: Stretchy & breathable Lycra backhand
  • Wipe insert: Microfleece wipe insert on thumb
  • 360° Move: "360° Move" wrist construction ("Low-Wrist" construction)
  • Performance Fit: Lycra stretch insert in the palm
  • Gel padding: Extra light gel padding system on the ball of the hand & below the fingers
  • Kangaroo Leather: Extra thin & water absorbing kangaroo leather (sweat free palm)
  • Pull-On Tab: Pull-on aid at the cuff
  • Finger protection: Finger protection made of kangaroo leather
  • Touchscreen: Natural leather touch screen fingers
  • Ergonomic fit
  • Technology: HIRZL GRIPPP™ Technology

Further information about Grippp Tour FF 2.0

HIRZL GRIPPP™ Technology.

The HIRZL gloves of the GRIPPP & TRUST series get their superior grip properties through an innovative tanning technology, which HIRZL uses exclusively.
The revolutionary HIRZL GRIPPP™ technology developed by HIRZL is based on a complex, multi-stage & secret tanning process, which gives the kangaroo leather incomparable values in grip in all weather conditions. Furthermore, the tanning ensures a very high sweat resistance and water absorption.
This ensures a long-lasting leather performance, as well as a virtually sweat-free palm under load. The kangaroo leather used also gives the gloves a long durability, as the leather is extremely abrasion and tear resistant despite its thinness.
The result: Up to 3 x more grip in dry conditions and up to 5 x more grip in rain than comparable gloves.

Kangaroo leather

Kangaroo leather is the strongest leather in the world by weight compared to other types of leather at a similar thickness. This is due to the unique structure of kangaroo leather, which consists of dense fibre bundles supported by a secondary support fabric, combined with a flat fabric structure, low fat content and a very thin grain structure.
Naturally thin kangaroo leather retains its strength where other types of leather require heavy scraping and splitting of the leather, which significantly reduces the physical performance of the leather.
The unique properties of kangaroo leather are further optimized by HIRZL's innovative tanning process, resulting in a strong, lightweight and natural high performance material.

Sustainability - Energy- and resource-saving tanning process.
In production, HIRZL pays attention to high environmental standards. For example, a large solar power plant is used to provide energy for the kangaroo leather tanning process, which significantly reduces the consumption of natural gas and the release of environmentally harmful CO2 into the atmosphere.
Special attention is also paid to reuse, waste minimization, as well as responsible water use.
By continuously improving water treatment, Hirzl is able to recycle at least 40% of the water used in the kangaroo leather production process.

Sustainability - Kangaroo leather. Natural, sustainable & renewable
Kangaroos are not bred, but come from a large, self-sustaining population from the wild. This means that no natural habitat is cleared for the kangaroos. The requirements of the Australian government program are very strict, ensuring no adverse effects on the kangaroos themselves or their ecosystem.
There are 53 kangaroo species in total, of which only the four most common species may be used for leather production. Studies have shown no adverse effects on the population of these four species over the last 40 years. Thus, kangaroo leather is considered a renewable, natural resource that is sustainable in the long term.
Only a small portion of the total kangaroo population is used for the food industry, the leather is a recycled by-product that would otherwise end up as waste. With a population of around 30 million, there are more kangaroos living in Australia than humans. Kangaroos are not endangered, contrary to popular belief.

Care instructions

Please do not wash in a washing machine as this will damage the leather. This glove can easily be washed under cold water without adding any detergent or care product. Do not dry your glove on the heater or under direct sunlight. Please do not tumble dry.
Manufacturer's material name: Kangaroo leather
Product line: Grippp Tour

Material 45% leather, 30% polyurethane, 20% polyamide, 5% other fibres

Contains non-textile parts of animal origin.

Fact Sheet of Hirzl Grippp Tour FF 2.0 Full Finger Gloves - Navy

Product Name: Hirzl Grippp Tour FF 2.0 Full Finger Gloves - Navy
Manufacturer: Hirzl
Item Code: HZL422096
Material: 45% leather, 30% polyurethane, 20% polyamide, 5% other fibres

Contains non-textile parts of animal origin.
activity: Cycling
gender: women, men
technology: HIRZL GRIPPP™ Technology
washability: hand wash only
season: Spring/Autumn
glove version: Full finger, Touchscreen capable
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, Blue
weight: 110g
Manufacturer page:


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International XS S M L XL XXL 3XL
Europe 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
A. hand circumference (cm) 15 - 17.5 17.5 - 19 19 - 20.5 20.5 - 22 22 - 23.5 23.5 - 25 25 - 27
B. hand length (cm) 14 - 16 16 - 17 17 - 18 18 - 19 19 - 20 20 - 21 21 - 23

International XS Europe 6

A. hand circumference (cm) 15 - 17.5
B. hand length (cm) 14 - 16

International S Europe 7

A. hand circumference (cm) 17.5 - 19
B. hand length (cm) 16 - 17

International M Europe 8

A. hand circumference (cm) 19 - 20.5
B. hand length (cm) 17 - 18

International L Europe 9

A. hand circumference (cm) 20.5 - 22
B. hand length (cm) 18 - 19

International XL Europe 10

A. hand circumference (cm) 22 - 23.5
B. hand length (cm) 19 - 20

International XXL Europe 11

A. hand circumference (cm) 23.5 - 25
B. hand length (cm) 20 - 21

International 3XL Europe 12

A. hand circumference (cm) 25 - 27
B. hand length (cm) 21 - 23