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Atlantic Dry11 Chain Lubricant - 125ml

Atlantic Dry11 Chain Lubricant - 125ml

Atlantic Dry11 Chain Lubricant ant is a new type of high-performance lubricant for the bicycle chain, gears and drive. It lubricates significantly more productive than conventional lubricants. The special formula combines the most important properties at the highest level:

  • Maximum lubricating effect
  • Strong dirt repellency
  • High creeping ability

DRY11 was developed in close cooperation with cycling professionals. The extreme lubricating effect has been scientifically proven according to DIN 51347*. It amounts to 311 N/mm² and thus puts everything else in the shade. The combination of dry substances, polymers and specially developed adhesive additives enables clean chain lubrication. Dry11 does not oil or grease. Chain and drive remain clean. Due to its particularly high creep capacity, DRY11 lubricates the chain from the inside. Friction and wear are reduced to a minimum. DRY11 noticeably increases the performance of the circuit and chain run.

Details of Atlantic Dry11 Chain Lubricant

  • Dirt repellent
  • Extremely lubricating
  • Extremely creepable
  • Minimizes friction
  • Increases performance
  • Reduces wear
  • Profitable chain lubrication
  • High corrosion protection


Application of the Atlantic Dry11 chain lubricant

Shake the bottle well before each use so that the components can mix well. Turn the pedal to rotate the chain and apply DRY11 to the rear sprocket from the top of the cleaned chain links. Allow the DRY11 chain lubricant to dry for a few minutes. A dry lubricating film remains, which guarantees a clean chain lubrication. When using for the first time, you can repeat the process again to achieve a smooth basic lubrication. Optimal results are achieved when your chain is nice and clean.

When used correctly and under optimal conditions, on the road and in dry conditions, lubrication intervals of more than 500 km are possible. In normal use, we recommend to lubricate the chain again after 350 km. In off-road and wet conditions, you should thoroughly clean the chain again after 120 km and relubricate with DRY11.

Fact Sheet of Atlantic Dry11 Chain Lubricant - 125ml

Product Name: Atlantic Dry11 Chain Lubricant - 125ml
Manufacturer: Atlantic
Item Code: ATL425747
activity: Cycling
care & clean product : Oil
lubricant area of application: Chain, Derailleur
content: 125ml
Model year: 2022
weight: 120g
Weight Source: Manufacturer