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Trangia Saucepan 1,5l Non-Stick - for Series 25

Trangia Saucepan 1,5l Non-Stick - for Series 25

Lightweight, non-stick saucepan for many uses with 1.5 liter capacity. Light, robust and can be used both for preparing dishes and eating from. Fits to the 25 series, which includes the larger models suitable for groups of 3-4 persons.


  • Capacity: 1.5l
  • Weight: 115g
  • fits to the 25 series
  • Dimensions: Ø169 mm x H78 mm
  • Material: Ultralight Aluminium with Non-Stick coating

Aluminium is a lightweight material that conducts heat well. Trangia's aluminium stove systems spread heat quickly and evenly. This means that food does not burn and stick to the material. The hard surface makes the systems very resistant to scratching and wear. Ultralight aluminium is 50% stronger than ordinary aluminium. Consequently. less material is required which makes the saucepan lighter.

The non-stick coating gives the ideal surface for frying, and requires little or no cooking fat. It also makes washing up easier, because nothing sticks. Non-stick is slightly more susceptible to scratches and abrasion, so use only wooden or plastic utensils. For those who want light packs, fuss-free eating and easy washing up.

Fact Sheet of Trangia Saucepan 1,5l Non-Stick - for Series 25

Product Name: Trangia Saucepan 1,5l Non-Stick - for Series 25
Manufacturer: Trangia
Item Code: TGA429248
activity: Outdoor
material: Aluminium
Volume: 1.5l
cookware version: Pots
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
weight: 115g
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Manufacturer page: