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WPL Bio-Solvent Degreaser - 473ml

WPL Bio-Solvent Degreaser - 473ml

WPL Bio-Solvent Degreaser is a powerful biodegradable solution for eliminating contaminants and grease build-up from drivetrain parts. The non-toxic, petroleum-free, bio-based formula easily dissolves stubborn contaminants, leaving the drivetrain clean and efficient. Can be sprayed directly onto bicycle parts or used for isolated cleaning in chain cleaning tools or degreaser bins.


  • premium bio-based formula made with natural ingredients
  • powerful solvent easily removes grease and grime
  • biodegradable, non-toxic formula safe for environment and mechanics
  • for use on drivetrain parts with stubborn grease build up and contamination
  • easy spray trigger penetrates deep into moving parts
  • made in Canada

ECO friendly

WPL develops premium bio-based bicycle maintenance products with a focus on performance and reliability, without the use of petro-chemicals, PTFE's, or toxic substances that can harm the environment and the rider. They only use eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable ingredients: natural antioxidants, oleochemicals and seed oils

Fact Sheet of WPL Bio-Solvent Degreaser - 473ml

Product Name: WPL Bio-Solvent Degreaser - 473ml
Manufacturer: Whistler Performance Lubricants
Item Code: WPL436076
activity: Cycling
Care & clean - Application: Chain Cleaning, Degreaser
Care & clean - Product type: Spray, Solution
lubricant area of application: Chain
content: 473ml
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Manufacturer page: