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Mcfk | DT Swiss 240s - 29 Zoll Disc Carbon Wheelset - 25mm - Straightpull - 6 Bolt - FW: 15x100mm | RW: 12x142mm - UD Matt Carbon

Mcfk | DT Swiss 240s - 29 Zoll Disc Carbon Wheelset - 25mm - Straightpull - 6 Bolt - FW: 15x100mm | RW: 12x142mm - UD Matt Carbon

Extrem light weight carbon disc wheelset

The wheels are manufactured in Leipzig without exception! This guarantees short ways and a high transparency. They are built by hand by a professional wheel builder with meticulous care and perfection. Before they leave the storehouse, each wheel is checked individually. Attention is paid to perfect concentricity and even spoke tension.

The asymmetrical profile of the rims enables almost identical spoke tension on the right and left sides. Great attention is also paid to the homogeneous spoke tension on each side. The more homogeneous, the more durable the structure will be. No spoke hast to take more or less load than, for example, its neighbouring spoke - the risk of spoke breakage is almost zero. Equally important is the concentricity of a wheel. This ensures good directional stability and reliable driving behaviour.

Wheel construction concentrates on all these requirements that are placed on an impeccable wheel. Multiple impressions during assembly also ensure that the nipples are accurately seated in their pre-formed nipple seat and the spoke arch in the bore of the hub flange.

All this attention that Mcfk pays to a wheel leads to a stable construction, grandiose driving characteristics and long pleasure with this product.

Rim Features

  • Carbon for the rim
    In contrast with aluminium, the advantage of carbon is that it stays in form. Thus, recentering, height and lateral runouts are things of the past. Once spoked properly, the wheel will not change shape or run.

  • Multiple layer design
    No two types of carbon are alike. The layer design is the decisive aspect - the orientation of the fiber is the most important thing in any part made of carbon. For this reason, Mcfk use a complex mixture of fabric and unidirectional (UD) layers which are positioned exactly in the right direction to ensure that they get the best performance of the material and leave no potential unused.

  • Monocoque design
    Avoiding weak points was one of the central focal points in the development. Whereas Mcfks competitors make the rim by bonding several parts together, theire rim is laminated of a single piece and cured. This involves a higher input of time and effort and requires extensive know-how but adds stability, saves weight and produces a homogeneous rim.

  • 35mm outside width
    The wider the rim profile, the higher the lateral stiffness of the wheel. The flexural rigidity increases disproportionately (to the third power) of the width of the profile. Mcfks oversize rim profile on downhill rim level obtains stiffness never before attained with wheels of this weight class.

  • 29mm height
    The height of the rim profile decides the radial stiffness. Radial loads to which the rim is exposed on uneven ground, by bumps or bottoming are reduced by a high profile. The load on the spokes is hardly reduced, which increases the life of the structure directly. The rims with 29mm height are the perfect compromise of stiffness and weight. Agility riding and acceleration quick as lightning during sprints are promised.

  • 3.5mm asymmetry
    A very important aspect of the outstanding stability of Mcfks wheels is the distinct asymmetry of 3.5 mm. 3.5 mm asymmetry is the reason why the difference of the inevitably non-symmetrical position of the hub flanges to the hub center is reduced by 7 mm.
    This ensures uniform spoke tension on both sides of the wheel.

  • 25mm inside width
    Ideal for tyres up to 60mm wide. The tyre takes on an ideal shape due to the inner width of 25 mm and can support itself better on the rim. A lower air pressure can be driven. Curve stability and traction increase with lower rolling resistance off-road.

  • Rim flange with extra stability
    The unique ratio of outside and inside widths also adds extra stability, width and solidity to the wheel flange. Bottoming - the enemy of any light-weight rim - need no longer be dreaded and so the life of Mcfks carbon rims is extended.

  • Laminated spoke holes
    Another very important advantage of their rims is the pre-compacted, laminated spoke holes, which are not drilled. This means no cutting of fibers, high spoke tension and therefore even more stability for the wheels.
    Besides, it gives the rim reliable protection from spoke tear-out in the case of a fall. You simply have to replace a couple of spokes but never the complete wheel.

  • Preformed ball head nipple tip
    To ensure a perfect fit of the nipples in the rim, they need the right nipple seat. Because Mcfk do not drill the spike holes but compress and laminate them, they can shape a perfect ball head in the rim.

  • Tubeless-type rim well
    The advantages of the tubeless technology can now be exploited to the full. Lower inflation pressure provides better grip, traction, comfort and riding pleasure. The rolling resistance is reduced and propulsion guaranteed. Mcfk's rim base is suitable for tubeless ties of all common makes.

  • Integrated valve design
    A special design at the valve seat makes the valve head "disappear". This technology has been developed specially for the application with tubeless tires. This makes mounting the tire with pre-installed valve a lot easier. Even non-tubeless tires are easier to fit.

  • Disc only
    By dismissing the brake flanks Mcfk are moving with the times. The future of deceleration in cycle racing and cross-country events belongs to the disc brake. No heat is transferred, for example, on long, steep downhill tracks - safety profits. Scraping noise and reduced braking in rain and muddy ground are things of the past. The rime does not wear and you can enjoy it for a long time.

  • Maximum system weight: 125 kg!

DT Swiss 240s hub - 28 holes

Swiss precision engineering, machining and assembly together with clever detail solutions have made of the 240 what it is today: A legend.

Featuring the latest refinements the 240 hubs are extremely lightweight and extremely durable. The Ratchet System is the best solution for a freewheel system, since it can transfer high loads while being super light. Just what athletes want: Perfect transmission of their power and the reliability allowing them to focus on the ride.

If the combined hubs do not fit the axle standard of fork or frame, they can easily be adapted using an adapter kit available separately from DT Swiss. Single wheels or alternative combinations are possible after consultation with our service!
Material: Carbon Prepreg
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Mcfk | DT Swiss 240s - 29 Zoll Disc Carbon Wheelset - 25mm - Straightpull - 6 Bolt - FW: 15x100mm | RW: 12x142mm - UD Matt Carbon

Product Name: Mcfk | DT Swiss 240s - 29 Zoll Disc Carbon Wheelset - 25mm - Straightpull - 6 Bolt - FW: 15x100mm | RW: 12x142mm - UD Matt Carbon
Manufacturer: Mcfk
Item Code: MCF438881
activity: Cycling
material: Carbon
usage bikesport: MTB
hubs: DT Swiss 240s
spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
rims: Mcfk MTB carbon-rim
shifting system: 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed, 12-speed
wheel size: 29" (622mm)
axle standard: 15x100mm (FW), 12x142mm (RW)
Wheel version: Wheelset, Standard Wheel
Freehub Body: HG M (Shimano 8-10s, MTB 11s)
braking system: Rim (Carbon), 6-Hole Disc
tire type: Wire Bead Tire, Folding Tire, Tubeless Ready
fitting tire dimensions: 60mm
ETRTO: 25-622
rim width: 35mm
inner profile width: 25mm
rim profile height: 29mm
weight limit: 125kg
nipples: Sapim Polyax
freehub system: SRAM XD
Shimano Micro Spline
Shimano HG
Model year: 2022
Color: Black
weight: 1330g
Number of Spoke Holes: 28
Freewheel System: Ratchet
Manufacturer page: http://www.mcfk.de