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Xtenex Hiking Laces X400 90cm

Xtenex Hiking Laces X400 90cm

XTENEX Hiking fit eyelet sizes typically found in hiking and work boots (from 4 to 4.5 mm). These elastic laces are a perfect choice for being on your feet all day at work or for hiking on mountain trails. elastic laces fit the smallest shoe eyelet size.

The Xtenex technology (indeXed-TENsioning-nEXus) enhances footwear fit, comfort and performance through its many advantages.

Features of the Hiking Laces:

  • The Xtenex Lace expands during natural foot swelling and eliminates foot compression.
  • The lace does not slip - the knots maintain the original fit by restricting involuntary lace movement through the eyelets; increasing comfort and keeping the foot stable in the foot bed.
  • No plastic pieces are needed.
  • Eliminates "dual-compression impact" (impact #1 = shoe sole hits ground / impact #2 = foot hits foot bed of shoe).
  • A lace shoe is made into a slip-on - Never tie you shoelaces again!
  • Asymmetrical lacing - the shoe upper can be molded to the natural non-symmetric form of the foot by independently adjusting the tension between each set of eyelets. The unique ability to have different tension zones along the entire lacing system results in a custom fit every time.
  • Enhanced lateral stabilization is achieved by increasing the tension along the left or right side of a shoe upper. This helps to stabilize and support the foot within the foot bed while enhancing footwear and foot care technologies such as orthotics, arch supports and insole technologies.

How to use - lacing instruction:

1. Insert lace tip through eyelet.
2. Grab lace tip and a section of lace side. Stretch lace to collapse knots. While stretched, feed the lace through the eyelets until the desired section of lace has been reached. Gently release the lace and knots will reappear.
3. Repeat the operation step by step.

* Lace your shoe loosely to start.
* Leaving more knots between eyelets will produce a looser fit.
* Leaving less knots between eyelets will produce a tighter fit.
* For best performance allow some give in the lace.
Included in delivery: 1 pair

Fact Sheet of Xtenex Hiking Laces X400 90cm

Product Name: Xtenex Hiking Laces X400 90cm
Manufacturer: Xtenex
Item Code: XTA439835
activity: Run
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
weight: 40g