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SmellWell Sensitive Original - 2x Shoe / Textile Freshener

SmellWell Sensitive Original - 2x Shoe / Textile Freshener

Drying and refreshing cushions without fragrance

SmellWell consists of two sachets that effectively absorb moisture and bad odours. The Sensitive series is for all those who want dry and freshen shoes without additional fragrance. Sensitive has the same effective content as SmellWell Active, but without fragrance. They work perfectly for shoes, but also for bags and gloves. The outer material is made of a beautiful linen fabric.

Highlights of SmellWell Sensitive Original

  • Absorbs sweat and removes odor
  • Without fragrance / perfume
  • Small, practical and very effective
  • Size: 110 × 30 × 110 mm | weight: 100 g
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Keeps shoes and sports gear fresh throughout the season
  • Ideal for shoes, bags, gloves and sports gear
  • Consists of natural salts and absorbents of renewable substances
  • Contains no biocides of phthalates
  • Easy to use and lasts up to 6 months

Usage of SmellWell

Put one SmellWell each in one shoe and let it work overnight. The next morning the shoes are dry and smell wonderfully fresh! SmellWell is also ideal for sports bags to avoid bad smells. It's fresh to be fresh!

SmellWell is most commonly used in shoes, sports bags or sports gear. In principle, it can be used wherever it smells unpleasant, such as in wardrobes or things that cannot be washed in a washing machine.

Details of SmellWell

  • Inner material: The breathable fleece pocket enables effective absorption
  • Outer material: Made of linen fabric
  • Swedish Formula: Contains activated carbon from sustainable moso-bamboo charcoal as well as natural minerals and salts

SmellWell has undergone extensive testing by the standards of the European regulation for evaluation of chemicals (REACH) and has been certified that it is free from harmful chemicals.

Fact Sheet of SmellWell Sensitive Original - 2x Shoe / Textile Freshener

Product Name: SmellWell Sensitive Original - 2x Shoe / Textile Freshener
Manufacturer: SmellWell
Item Code: SML448279
activity: Cycling, Outdoor, Run, Leisure, Fitness, Triathlon
apparel accessories: Others
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
weight: 100g
Outdoor & travel necessaries: Dryer
Manufacturer page: