TRP G-Spec DH7 Derailleur and Shifter Kit - 7-speed - black/silver

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Description of TRP G-Spec DH7 Derailleur and Shifter Kit - 7-speed - black/silver

Shifting Focus

Designed for rough and rocky rides on big bikes with 200 mm of travel. TRP DH7 Series derailleurs like it steep, fast and enjoy breathtaking airtime.

TRP (TEKTRO Racing Products) presents a new shifter and derailleur designed for the gravity-focused rider. The TRP DH7 series drivetrain components are the result of an intimate development relationship with 5 x DH WorldCup Overall Champion Aaron Gwin and his personal mechanic John Hall. From start to finish this project spanned more than three years. TRP is taking the “R” in TRP when it comes to developing new product. The “R” is the reason this brand was started in 2006 by the TEKTRO management. Building on TEKTRO’s values with a high-end product brand – TEKTRO Racing Products. Since then TRP has been working with World Champions in cyclocross, BMX and MTB to create new product success stories. The courage the three owners, Gary Chen, Leo Chen and Aver Tsai, who founded TEKTRO in 1986, has paid off over time.

DH7 Derailleur

TRP’s new DH7 rear derailleur brings a new feature to racing. TRP R&D worked closely with Aaron Gwin and his mechanic John Hall to build an advanced DH derailleur. The derailleur is true G-Spec, utilizing carbon fiber for the outer parallelogram link and pulley cage; offering an adjustable Ratchet Clutch; and adding features born from competition—the Hall Lock, a B-Knuckle lock that reduces noise and increases shifting stability.

  • Hall Lock
  • G-Spec Ratchet Clutch
  • G-Spec finishing touches:
  • Carbon fiber cage & Upper link
  • Extra wide parallelogram pivot
  • Sealed cartridge bearings pulleys
  • Weight: 272g

DH7 Shifter

TRP’s new DH7 shifter is molded from carbon fiber and features TRP’s linear release action for upshifting to higher gears. This unique ergonomic and mechanism allows the cable release lever to more closely mimic the motion of a rider’s thumb producing super-fast and super-precise shifts out of the starting gate, while maintaining a tight grip on the handlebar.

  • Shift levers designed and located for optimum performance by Aaron Gwin
  • Enhanced grip & tactile feel built into lever paddles: embossed grooves on advance and release lever
  • Carbon fiber upper housing & advance lever position with brake lever
  • Ball bearing equipped
  • 7 speed
  • Tool-free straight lace cable changes
  • Rider adjustable home position of lower lever with a 40-degree range
  • Weight: 120g



TRP engineers worked closely with John Hall to create the Hall Lock. A Lever integrated into the B-knuckle mount, which can be opened or closed, as needed. For working on the derailleur or changing the wheel, the Hall Lock is opened. When locked, the derailleur is stabilized for the roughest conditions. This feature helps maintain the utmost accuracy in shifting and superb chain retention. Its clamping force can be adjusted to balance stability and security with the derailleur’s ability to deflect on impact.

  • Hall Lock is an on/off feature with adjustable force that brings TRP’s derailleurs the utmost stability, accuracy, chain retention and quietness in operation for mountain biking’s roughest conditions
  • It can lock-out the main pivot bolt to prevent your derailleur from lifting, slapping and making noise
  • You can set it up however you like – if you want maximum stability you can lock it; if you like it to move like a standard derailleur you can adjust it to do so


The second derailleur feature is a ratchet style clutch, which is adjustable. Depending on a full suspension bike’s design, there can be enough chain growth to feel resistance from the clutch. If a rider wants to free up the system up, he or she can back off the clutch to balance pedal feedback with the clutch’s chain retaining properties.

  • Large diameter clutch surfaces for wear resistance and predictable force generation
  • Oversized friction surface area for consistent force output
  • Adjustable clutch force provides a wide range of customizable ride tuning and compensation for wear
  • Quick and easy on/off switch removes all clutch force when needed for wheel changes
  • Robust pawl engagement

Chain length Indicator

  • Indicators printed on the knuckle and the cage for easy viewing
  • This marking helps ensure a quick and accurate measure of the system’s required chain length
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Fact Sheet of TRP G-Spec DH7 Derailleur and Shifter Kit - 7-speed - black/silver

Product Name: TRP G-Spec DH7 Derailleur and Shifter Kit - 7-speed - black/silver
Manufacturer: TRP
Item Code: TRP455711
Year: 2020
Manufacturer item code: M-860 DH7
Material: Carbon ||| Aluminium ||| Stainless Steel
Weight: approx. 392 gram (manufacturer information)
Derailleur: 7-speed
Derailleur, max. number of teeth: 25
Included in delivery: 1 rear derailleur
1 shifter with cable and housing
Manufacturer page:
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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