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Assos EQUIPE RS Rapidfire Long Sleeve Chronosuit S9 - blackSeries

Assos EQUIPE RS Rapidfire Long Sleeve Chronosuit S9 - blackSeries

The new shape of speed

Filtering wind-tunnel testing and textile refinements into the fastest, lightest, sharpest weapon for splitting precious seconds yet.

Striking the best possible balance between speed and support. This is the approach that kicks off every race-suit refinement, and in the case of developing the EQUIPE RS Rapidfire LS Chronosuit, Assos already had a damn good platform via the Speedfire with which to start the project.

As with all lower-body equipment in the S9 family, Rapidfire receives the Assos A-Lock Engineering framework to brace the shorts and ensure they remain stabilized in the most difficult against-the-clock environments. Beginning there, just two panels are used, with a primary “butterfly” panel fully wrapping the legs and converging in the rear to form the ergoBox structure. This design effectively frames the insert in place and provides you with an ultra-comfortable wrap on your legs using Type.701kompressor - a complex woven textile that delivers on all fronts using ultrathin yarns with super-high elasticity, yielding a near-frictionless weave that provides you with incredible comfort and muscle support. In other words, Type.701 becomes your second skin, providing superior structural support, breathability and a continuous smooth feel along the lower back and thighs.
For the insert Assos has integrated the brand-new CHRONO RS S9, which has been developed from the proven EQUIPE RS S9. In order to take into account the time trial specific, strongly forward bent seating position, the rear cushion was shortened by 3 cm and the 9 mm thick superAir microShock foam layer was moved forward.

For the upper body, Assos has based its design on its proven SpeedFire cube material, which features an elastic jacquard 3D knit structure that was tested in the wind tunnel for speed with less drag. A uniquely positioned zipper, placed along the back on the left side, completes the suit and ensures that the windproof 3D material comes into play on the front without its properties being negatively affected by a centrally placed closure.

Technologies of the Equipe RS Rapidfire LS Chronosuit

Type.701compressor: A patented fabric specifically designed for compressive support and unbeatable comfort with a material that fits like a second skin. Dyed yarn in a ratio of 160 g/m2 with USF 50+, incorporated odorControl, maximum wear resistance, reduction of friction, water repellent properties and optimal heat balance. An adapted extension of the front section provides additional comfort.

Cube: Material mainly used for the upper half of the suit, developed in the wind tunnel and featuring the Jacquard 3D fabric structure, which is characterised by exceptional moisture regulation, breathability and compressive and speed-enhancing properties.

A-Lock Engineering: The S9 racingFit- System combines new materials and manufacturing processes in such a way that the shorts are stabilized and the insert does not slip.

Butterfly Pattern: The largest part of the fabric caresses the lower back and legs and converges at the back. The low number of seams promises a more uniform support, less weight and improved comfort.

ergoBox: A square-shaped fabric panel that effectively frames the insert on the back for additional stability.

CHRONO S9: A 3D basalt colored pad specially developed for the Chrono line. Compared to the EQUIPE RS S9, the pad is 3 cm shorter at the back and thicker at the front - for optimum comfort and support in the steeply forward bent riding position.

superAir microShock foam: A lightweight, open-cell foam made from a shock-absorbing composition that always retains its original shape and thus fills the gaps that arise every time your riding position changes due to weight shifting in the saddle.

3D waffle: A patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and has no excess weight.

goldenGate: A patented process technology in which the seams along the side parts of the insert are interrupted, thus allowing increased three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, constantly moving area.

Mesh Radio Pocket: Pocket sewn high in the back, which is easily accessible but not perceived as disturbing.

Falken Cut: The triangular pattern on the belly area, exclusively used by Assos, results in a particularly soft feel.

Back zipper: A sealed zipper along the back ensures that the wind-resistant 3D material can be worn on the front without its properties being negatively affected by a centrally positioned closure.

Collarless design: A design in which Assos has limited itself to the bare essentials in order to minimize air resistance.

Raw cut legs: A soft feeling on the thighs with small silicone dots that ensure that nothing slips, creates the best possible balance between comfort and aerodynamics.

aeroFit: Assos' slimmest cut, specifically designed for speed and tighter than the racingFit, which also provides a higher level of compression. Outside the riding position it may feel restrictive, but during riding it fits like a second skin.

Material 40% polyester, 32% polyamide, 28% elastane

Fact Sheet of Assos EQUIPE RS Rapidfire Long Sleeve Chronosuit S9 - blackSeries

Product Name: Assos EQUIPE RS Rapidfire Long Sleeve Chronosuit S9 - blackSeries
Manufacturer: ASSOS
Item Code: ASS460916
Material: 40% polyester, 32% polyamide, 28% elastane
activity: Cycling
gender: men
sun protection: 50
usage bikesport: Road Bike, Competition
textile fabric: Synthetics
season: Summer
Features: Water resistant
fit: tight
leg length: short
sleeves: Long sleeve
upper clothing style: Short zipper, Rear Zipper
seatpad: yes
Onesies & neoprene clothing: Body & Racesuit
Model year: 2022
Collection: Spring/Summer
Color: Black
weight: 305g


In the following tables you will find information on the dress sizes of the manufacturer .

Category: Outerwear / Pants



International XS S M L XL XLG TIR
Germany 44 46 48 50 52 54 56
Inch 28 - 29 29 - 30 31 - 32 33 - 34 36 38 40
A. body height (cm) 160 - 170 168 - 175 173 - 181 180 - 187 185 - 189 190+ 191 - 195+
B. chest (cm) 88 92 96 100 106 112 118
C. waist (cm) 70 - 74 75 - 80 81 - 86 87 - 92 93 - 99 100 - 106 107+

International XS Germany 44 Inch 28 - 29

A. body height (cm) 160 - 170
B. chest (cm) 88
C. waist (cm) 70 - 74

International S Germany 46 Inch 29 - 30

A. body height (cm) 168 - 175
B. chest (cm) 92
C. waist (cm) 75 - 80

International M Germany 48 Inch 31 - 32

A. body height (cm) 173 - 181
B. chest (cm) 96
C. waist (cm) 81 - 86

International L Germany 50 Inch 33 - 34

A. body height (cm) 180 - 187
B. chest (cm) 100
C. waist (cm) 87 - 92

International XL Germany 52 Inch 36

A. body height (cm) 185 - 189
B. chest (cm) 106
C. waist (cm) 93 - 99

International XLG Germany 54 Inch 38

A. body height (cm) 190+
B. chest (cm) 112
C. waist (cm) 100 - 106

International TIR Germany 56 Inch 40

A. body height (cm) 191 - 195+
B. chest (cm) 118
C. waist (cm) 107+


International XS S M L XL
Germany 34 36 38 40 42
Inch 25 - 26 27 - 28 29 30 - 31 32 - 33
B. chest (cm) 80 85 90 96 102
D. hips (cm) 88 94 100 106 112

International XS Germany 34 Inch 25 - 26

B. chest (cm) 80
D. hips (cm) 88

International S Germany 36 Inch 27 - 28

B. chest (cm) 85
D. hips (cm) 94

International M Germany 38 Inch 29

B. chest (cm) 90
D. hips (cm) 100

International L Germany 40 Inch 30 - 31

B. chest (cm) 96
D. hips (cm) 106

International XL Germany 42 Inch 32 - 33

B. chest (cm) 102
D. hips (cm) 112