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Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 DB Wheelset - 28" | Carbon | 2-Way Fit | AFS - 12x100mm | 12x142mm - HG-EV | Dark

Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 DB Wheelset - 28" | Carbon | 2-Way Fit | AFS - 12x100mm | 12x142mm - HG-EV | Dark

The family of carbon aero wheels is further enhanced with the Bora WTO featuring not only a 33 mm profile, designed to appeal to a broader customer base, but also an AFS mount to equip disc brake road bikes as well. As already usual for the Campagnolo WTO wheels, the rim design enables maximum aerodynamic penetration, and at certain angles, the wind can actually become a valuable ally to the rider. Aerodynamic aluminium rims and hubs and ceramic USB cup-and-cone bearing system in the hubs themselves: every design choice has been made with a view to optimizing performance.

In the disc brake version the 19 mm internal diameter of the rims enables not only classic road bike tires between 23 and 28 mm to be fitted, but also tires of up to 33 mm width. In addition, with the 2-Way Fit (Tubeless Ready) concept, Campagnolo offers its tried-and-tested technology for full compatibility with clincher and tubeless tires. Furthermore the Bora WTO 33 wheelset offers water transfer graphics, radial spoke lacing on the front and G3 spoke pattern on the rear wheel. External, self-locking nipples, aluminium hubs with differentiated front and rear diameters, adjustable USB ceramic bearings and an aluminium freewheel body are just some of the top features of the WTO 33.

Highlights of the Bora WTO 33 DB wheels

33 mm deep rim profile but nevertheless aero

The 33 mm high profile and a light weight of just about 1500 grams for the pair of wheels make Campagnolo's WTO 33 the ideal set for mountain tracks without sacrificing aerodynamic advantages on the straights or in the flats. The rim design enables a high amount of aerodynamic penetration when the wind angle is between 12° and 19°, making it a thrust for every athlete.

The streamlined design of the central part of the hub decreases the frontal area of the component whilst the special design of the flanges favors airflow detachment. The elliptical cross-section of the 24 spokes in front and rear results in a massively reduced rolling resistance.

Smoothest rolling wheels

The well-known USB cup-and-cone bearing system guarantees smoothness in the ceramic bearings. The 2-Way Fit profile allows you to mount either a clincher tire or a tubeless tire with less rolling resistance. The C19 class makes the use of tires between 23 and 28 mm possible, with perfect pairing of the rim-tire system, but also bigger tires of up to 33 mm width can be mounted. To gain the perfect advantage from the aerodynamic concept, the manufacturer recommends the use of 25 mm wide tires.

Fast in the wind and reliable during deceleration

The construction relies on teh All Conditions Carbon Control (AC3) technology to create surefooted stopping power that is reliable and potent no matter the weather conditions. The AC3 concept was not only developed to generally improve an already great braking performance but also to address one of the principle drawbacks to the carbon fiber racing rim: braking performance in the wet.

Aside from the externally obvious textured design upon the brake track, the construction of the Bora wheels underwent some internal optimization to orient the fibers in a way to guarantee maximum integrity in the face of input deriving from the revised braking surface. The highly sophisticated resin optimized by Campagnolo engineering staff to withstand higher temperatures than the Bora’s competition and to dissipate the extreme heat produced during the braking phase.

Technologies of the WTO 33 Disc Brake wheelset

2-Way Fit

The 2-Way Fit profile makes it possible to fit both, a tubeless tire or a classic clincher. With 2-Way Fit you are able to test and decide which of the two solutions suits you best or use the clincher for training and the tubeless tire for the race day. With no doubt tubeless tires are the future of road cycling. Apart from greater comfort you can exploit the greater smoothness due to the absence of friction between the tire and the tube when using a tubeless tire. There are no risks of sudden deflation when a tubeless tire is punctured, a great advantage in safety terms. And if the tubeless tire has a puncture the 2-Way Fit system allows you to use a traditional inner tube by simply removing the hermetic closure valve to ride home with no problem.

G3 geometry

Campagnolo has developed an assembly architecture which, compared with a traditional wheel, makes it possible to improve energy transfer, reduce the stress on the spokes on the right and increase transverse rigidity. This is achieved because in G3 geometry the right-hand side of the rear wheel is fitted with twice as many spokes as the left. The results are a better transfer of the driving torque, better lateral rigidity and a reduction of the stress in the rear wheel spokes. In addition the wheel's responsiveness becomes increased and even at a higher system weight there are no more wheel vibrations.

USB (Ultra Smooth Bearings)

Campagnolo's hubs with USB ceramic bearings further enhance not only the wheels' smoothness, but reduce also the weight and the need for maintenance. Perfectly smooth surfaces make a lower friction possible and reduce the loss of power. So all your power will be transferred onto the road. Developed at Campy Tech Lab, comparative tests have shown that USB bearings are 50% smoother than standard bearings.

Further technical details

  • Full Carbon C19 rims - Great comfort and maximum aerodynamics for interacting with new tire standards. Extremely high lateral wheel stiffness and reactivity.
  • Aluminum hubs provide lateral stiffness and reduced weight.
  • Oversized flanges for greater torsional stiffness and greater reactivity.
  • Aluminum axles reduce the wheel's weight.
  • Cup and cone bearings - Easy ball/bearing adjustment, reduces possible ball/bearing play, precision operation, maintains performance over time
  • Spokes with aerodynamic profile provide the maximum aerodynamic penetration and reduce aerodynamic drag, saving the rider's energy.
  • Spokes anti-rotation system prevents twisting, keeps the spokes in the aerodynamic position.

The wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialized Campagnolo technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Campagnolo wheels.

Included in delivery: wheelset incl. wheel bags, Tubeless valves and manual


Fact Sheet of Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 DB Wheelset - 28" | Carbon | 2-Way Fit | AFS - 12x100mm | 12x142mm - HG-EV | Dark

Product Name: Campagnolo Bora WTO 33 DB Wheelset - 28" | Carbon | 2-Way Fit | AFS - 12x100mm | 12x142mm - HG-EV | Dark
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM462426
activity: Cycling
material: Carbon
usage bikesport: Road Bike
hubs: Aluminium | with USB ceramic bearings
spokes: aero | Straightpull | double-butted
rims: Carbon
shifting system: 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed
wheel size: 28" (622mm)
axle standard: 12x100mm (FW), 12x142mm (RW)
Wheel version: Wheelset, Wheelset 1300-1700g
Freehub Body: HG L (Shimano 11/12s Road)
braking system: Centerlock/AFS
tire type: Wire Bead Tire, Folding Tire, Tubeless Ready
fitting tire dimensions: 23-33mm
ETRTO: 19-622
rim width: 26.1mm
rim profile height: 33mm
weight limit: 120kg
nipples: Aluminium | self-lock
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 1516g
manufacturer item code: WH20-BOWTODFR33XDK
Number of Spoke Holes: 24
Weight Source: BIKE24
Freewheel System: Pawls
Manufacturer page: http://www.campagnolo.com