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Gelu P3 Carbon Saddle with Punctured Top - black Logos

Gelu P3 Carbon Saddle with Punctured Top - black Logos

 Just 60 grams for maximum power

Designed for the triathlon and time-trial, the P-Series carbon saddles offer the largest support base at the front (55mm wide), making them very comfortable for those who like to ride in the front position. The central opening is specially designed to ensure the total absence of pressure on the prostate region.

If you only read the first lines, it sounds like that of any triathlon saddle but it is not what it seems!
The Gelu P3 is a real highlight for weight weenies, because it weighs unbelievable 60 grams. This is achieved thanks to its fully carbon fiber construction. Everything - rails and top - is made of 100% prepreg carbon. To hit the scales below 70 grams the P3 has a punctured top and neither additionally padding nor cover.


Common Features of Gelu Saddles

Gelu Carbon saddles are handmade in Portugal. To ensure that you can enjoy your riding environment and achieve maximum performance even on long distances, all saddles are tested and certified by an orthopaedic specialist with regard to safety and comfort.
At first glance, the outstanding carbon finish of the Gelu saddles catches the eye - true masterpieces!

Maximum rider weight: 85 kg

Fact Sheet of Gelu P3 Carbon Saddle with Punctured Top - black Logos

Product Name: Gelu P3 Carbon Saddle with Punctured Top - black Logos
Manufacturer: Gelu
Item Code: GEU477077
activity: Cycling, Triathlon
gender: men, unisex
usage bikesport: Road Bike, Triathlon
rail clamp style: oval rails
pressure relief: with Relief / Cutout
Material saddle cover: Carbon
Material saddle rails: Carbon
saddle special features: Full Carbon Saddle
saddle rail diamater: 7x9
length x width: 250 x 126mm
saddle padding: without Padding
Model year: 2023
Color: Black
weight: 60g
Weight Source: Manufacturer