Wera Joker Switch Ratcheting Combination Wrench - 17 mm

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Description of Wera Joker Switch Ratcheting Combination Wrench - 17 mm

Joker ratcheting combination wrenches with angled ratchet head and switch lever. The metal plate in the jaw provides for the holding function which reduces the risk of losing nuts and bolts. The integrated limit stop can prevent any slipping from the bolt head downwards and enables higher torque to be applied. The exchangeable metal plate in the jaw securely holds nuts and bolts with its extra hard teeth and reduces the risk of slipping.

Highlights of the Wera Joker Switch ratcheting combination wrench

  • "take it easy" Tool Finder with color coding according to sizes
  • practical holding function thanks to the metal plate in the jaw
  • limit stop prevents any slipping
  • the double-hex geometry reduces the risk of slipping
  • return angle of only 30°
  • reversible ratchet mechanism with its fine toothing ensures flexibility in confined spaces


Everything a wrench has to be able to do - Yes, a real Joker

The reversible ratchet mechanism at the ring end with its fine toothing (80 teeth) ensures great flexibility even in confined spaces.
angled ratchet end
The ratchet end is angled at 15° to the tool axis, making application of the tool in confined spaces much easier.

holding function
The Joker´s holding function means that nuts and bolts can be held in the jaw and easily positioned where they are needed. Fastening on to the thread can then be done quickly and safely, thanks to the innovative special stop-plate which holds the fastener. No more time-wasting searches for dropped nuts and bolts! After applying and positioning the nut or bolt, fastening can begin immediately - no additional tools required.

integrated limit stop
The joker prevents slipping off of the fastener head with its integrated limit-stop - no longer is the thumb needed to act as a depth stop. This makes applications much easier and allows significantly more force to be applied during fastening jobs.

double-hex geometry
The Joker´s clever double-hex geometry delivers a very positive connection with nuts and bolts - it´s a perfect fit. And the exchangeable, hardened metal gripping plate in the Joker´s mouth literally bits itself into the bolt, with its extremely hard tips. Both features combine to prevent slipping, even at higher torque.

small return angle
Instead of 60° the Joker only has a 30° return angle thanks to its unique double-hex design. With the Joker, you can now loosen and tighten nuts and bolts, in situations where conventional tools fail. Particularly in confide spaces, where conventional open-jawed wrenches cannot be used. The combination of limit stop and small return angle enables effective work, even on screw pipe connections.

colour coding:

  • ratcheting combination wrench with WS 8 mm - pink color ring
  • ratcheting combination wrench with WS 10 mm - yellow color ring
  • ratcheting combination wrench with WS 13 mm - green color ring
  • ratcheting combination wrench with WS 15 mm - white color ring
  • ratcheting combination wrench with WS 17 mm - red color ring
  • ratcheting combination wrench with WS 19 mm - blue color ring

Included in delivery: 1x ratcheting combination wrench

  • Description
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Fact Sheet of Wera Joker Switch Ratcheting Combination Wrench - 17 mm

Product Name: Wera Joker Switch Ratcheting Combination Wrench - 17 mm
Manufacturer: Wera
Item Code: WER477407
activity: Bike
lubricant area of application: Universal
material: Steel
tool type: Socket wrenches, Screw-Wrench / Ring Spanner
Model year: 2021
weight: 210g
manufacturer item code: 05020072001
Manufacturer page: https://www.wera.de/
  • Description
  • Fact Sheet
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