ZIPP 303 Firecrest Carbon Front Wheel - Tubular - Centerlock - 12x100mm - black

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Description of ZIPP 303 Firecrest Carbon Front Wheel - Tubular - Centerlock - 12x100mm - black

Zipp’s 303 Firecrest Tubular disc-brake front wheel offers key innovations for performance-minded cyclists.

Zipp’s 303 Firecrest Tubular Disc-brake wheels offer game-changing innovations for performance-minded cyclists. This wheels are developed to meet the needs of ZIPP´s sponsored professional racers – road and cyclocross – as well as any cyclist who prefer the time-proven ride qualities of riding tubulars. The 303 Firecrest Tubular Disc-brake features key technologies first developed for Zipp’s halo-level NSW wheelsets. It’s lightweight with ABLC™ Sawtooth™ Technology, a complex dimpling pattern first developed for ZIPP`s top-level NSW wheel lineup. This technology helps to achieve the optimization of low aerodynamic drag and crosswind stability, which they call AeroBalance™.


Firecrest Technology

In developing the original 303 wheels, Zipp discovered that a wider rim increases lateral stiffness for sprinting and cornering while also providing greater vertical compliance for greater control, comfort and durability. That wider rim profile led ZIPP to develop our Firecrest technology, which revolutionized aerodynamic efficiency and stability for carbon wheels. The proprietary Firecrest rim shape optimizes the aerodynamic profile of the front half and - here's the revolutionary part - the back half of the wheel. Firecrest moves the wheel's center of pressure to be more in line with the steering axis for stability in even the stiffest crosswinds. All of that innovation along with the precision control of disc braking gives you a wheel that's as smooth as it is tough. 



You'll also see the rim skin is embossed with lot's of dimples of different diameters in a pattern which forces the airflow to form thinner, turbulent boundary layers. This significantly reduces the interference drag. The turbulent layer also adheres to the wheel skin throughout an increased airflow angle of attack, resulting in significantly lower drag in cross-wind situations, which means you have even more control with the ABLC (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control) rim. ABLC increases handling performance by minimizing the low-pressure wake left behind the wheel, allowing for greater tire choice with fewer aerodynamic side effects than seen with other designs. Zipp's exclusive VCLC (Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control) technology dramatically reduces rider fatigue, particularly in the hands, arms, neck, and posterior - while greater control of the tire contact patch simultaneously improves cornering grip and minimizes rolling resistance.



  • New Zipp graphics and cosmetic identity that scream speed 
  • Go-anywhere 45mm rim depth tubular pro-proven in the Spring Classics 
  • New ZR1 hub is engineered in Germany with better seal design for improved durability and quicker response with 66 points of engagement 
  • Built with Sapim CX Sprint J-bend spokes 
  • Ships with 12mm end caps

Included in delivery: front wheel incl.  12mm endcaps
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

  • Description
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Fact Sheet of ZIPP 303 Firecrest Carbon Front Wheel - Tubular - Centerlock - 12x100mm - black

Product Name: ZIPP 303 Firecrest Carbon Front Wheel - Tubular - Centerlock - 12x100mm - black
Manufacturer: ZIPP
Item Code: ZIP478547
activity: Bike
material: Carbon
usage bikesport: Road Bike, Cyclocross, Competition
hubs: ZIPP ZR1 Disc
spokes: SAPIM CX-Ray
rims: UD Carbon
wheel size: 28" (29") (622mm)
axle standard: 12x100 (FW)
wheel/hub version: Front Wheel (FW), FW 600-800g, Standard Wheel
braking system: Disc, Centerlock/AFS
tire type: Tubular Tire
spoke hole number: 24
tire pressure: 8.62bar
rim profile height: 45mm
weight limit: 113kg
nipples: Sapim Secure-Loc
Model year: 2021
Color: Black
weight: 628g
manufacturer item code: 00.1918.575.000
spoke hole number: 24
Manufacturer page:
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