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Chris King

Chris King R45 Front Hub - QR 9x100mm - 24 Hole

Chris King R45 Front Hub - QR 9x100mm - 24 Hole

The ultra lightweight R45 hub has been designed expressly for the demands of road racing with two objectives. It must be light and fast.

The R45 front hub is 9 % lighter than the Classic hub. Because Chris King has designed a sleek new hubshell body and a new 17 mm axle. That's 17 mm from dropout to dropout resisting deflection during cornering or when the power is full on.

Furthermore Chris Kings designed and built a bearing specifically for the R45 hub. As with every King bearing, these stainless steel sealed bearings are made in-house in Portland, Oregon and individually hand-checked for precision and smoothness. This proprietary bearing design allows the developers to place more rolling elements per bearing meaning greater durability and precision. R45 bearings also feature lightweight, low-friction seals for fast rolling and can be easily serviced at regular intervals using only a single 2.5 mm hex wrench and penknife.

Clearance: R45 Front can be used with radial lacing.
Material: Aluminium
Weight supplement: manufacturer information

Fact Sheet of Chris King R45 Front Hub - QR 9x100mm - 24 Hole

Product Name: Chris King R45 Front Hub - QR 9x100mm - 24 Hole
Manufacturer: Chris King
Item Code: CHK137891
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Road Bike
axle standard: Quick Release
braking system: Rim (Carbon), Rim (Metal)
FW/RW: Front Wheel
flange diameter (left/right): 39.8mm
flange distance (left/right): 34.8/34.8mm
Model year: 2022
Color: Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Orange, Gold, Silver, Turquoise
weight: 102g
Number of Spoke Holes: 24
Manufacturer page: http://www.chrisking.com