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Cyclus Tools Crank Extractor M22x1 - M12x1

Cyclus Tools Crank Extractor M22x1 - M12x1


Crank extractor M22x1 / M12x1 - with particularly "long stroke"

Previously, a crank was pressed and screwed onto the corresponding seat. This worked due to the conical surfaces and had the consequence that only initially an extractor was needed when dismantling the crank. More precisely: only to release the pressure between crank and axle. The required working stroke was very small.

But now! Especially with E-Bikes, there are bottom bracket axles that no longer have conical surfaces. The seat of the crank is defined solely by stops and screw connections. The position of the stops is usually such that loosening or removing them places new demands on the tool. This is the long working stroke.

With this extractor you can remove cranks from the corresponding axles. The existing large working stroke of more than 20 mm makes this tool universally applicable. No matter if you have a pressed or a new type of crank seat screwed with stops. This Cyclus Tools extractor can solve both quickly, safely, cleanly and therefore professionally.


Dimensions of the Cyclus Tools extractor M22x1 / M12x1

Bottom bracket connecting thread: M12x1
Crank internal thread: M22x1

Fact Sheet of Cyclus Tools Crank Extractor M22x1 - M12x1

Product Name: Cyclus Tools Crank Extractor M22x1 - M12x1
Manufacturer: Cyclus Tools
Item Code: CYC481415
activity: Cycling
lubricant area of application: Bottom Bracket / Crank
material: Steel
tool type: Remover / Extractor
Model year: 2020
manufacturer item code: 720241
Manufacturer page: http://www.ra-co.de/cyclus-tools.html?&L=3