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Lupine SL X Brose E-Bike Front Light - 35mm

Lupine SL X Brose E-Bike Front Light - 35mm

More light for your e-bike

The SL X is safety, safety by day and safety by night. But it is also an extremely powerful lamp, perfect for fast rides and with up to 1800 lumens of high beam it is one of the brightest lamps approved by the German Road Traffic Licensing Authority for e-bikes.

The best of two worlds

You switch to high beam, the SL X opens a daylight corridor far above the glare-free cut-off line and lights up the 9 automotive LEDs of the main headlamp to the maximum. A unique feature here is that the daytime running light is switched on at the same time with significantly increased output. Its 6 LEDs and the ingenious Fresnel lens system increase the light output and create additional close-up illumination with which you can easily master fast descents and technical root passages.

Technical details of the Lupine SL X Shimano e-bike front light

  • Luminosity: 1800 lumen (12V)
  • Range according to FL1 standard: 290 meters
  • Max. brightness: 20000 cd
  • StVZO approved
  • Light levels: "daytime running light", dipped beam, main beam
  • Protection class: IP 68 (waterproof) | IK 09 (impact resistance)
  • One-sided holder made of aluminium for mounting on handlebars
  • Version for Brose Drive-S motors

product features:

Fl1 Standard
Water and impact resistant: The FL1 Standard is a set of ANSI/NEMA rules to compare product specifications of different lamp manufacturers.

Light for every situation

As dusk sets in, the SL automatically switches from daytime running light to low beam and shows you the way through the traffic, both safely and without glare. Away from the city, you press the button on your remote control and unleash a full 1800 lumens of high beam.

Low and high beam

The low beam gives you glare-free light and visibility in every situation. Away from the city, you can switch to high beam at the touch of a button and fire your bike over country roads and challenging trails.

A carpet of light

In contrast to other StVZO approved bicycle lights, the light pattern of the SL X is not limited to a small strip but conjures up a wide and homogeneous carpet of light directly in front of your front wheel.

push button

With the button clamp, which was specially developed for e-bikes, you always have your lamp under control and can easily switch between low and high beam. The symbols of the button light up green or blue, depending on which mode you are currently in.

Caution: Bright

As with a car, if you forget to turn off your high beam, it really annoys everyone who comes towards you. That's why the button symbol illuminates in green or blue, depending on whether your SL is currently in low or high beam mode.

Daytime running light

The daytime running light of the SL X shines particularly brightly and guarantees the full attention of all road users. The SL X is currently the only StVZO-approved Lupine with a real daytime running light function, tested according to ECE R87.

Precisely milled

The SL X is not only smaller than any comparable lamp, but also makes use of every millimeter inside the housing. The housing of the SL X is milled from one piece of aluminium with minimal tolerances.

Built to last

The SL X is not a disposable product: typical for Lupine, permanent adhesive solutions are deliberately avoided during the development phase. Our lamps are designed to be easily disassembled, repaired and reassembled.

Scope of delivery: incl. SL X lamp head, handlebar mount, wired remote control, light cable

Fact Sheet of Lupine SL X Brose E-Bike Front Light - 35mm

Product Name: Lupine SL X Brose E-Bike Front Light - 35mm
Manufacturer: Lupine
Item Code: LUP494192
StVZO legal (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations): yes
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
dimensions (l/w/h): 46/85/48mm
IP rating: IP68
light mounting location: Handlebar
max. luminous flux: 1800lm
bike light version: Front Light
power supply: E-Bike
bike light properties: Daytime Light, High Beam, Automatic Switchon
Model year: 2022
weight: 170g
Manufacturer page: http://www.lupine.de