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Lupine Headband with Overhead Band - Penta

Lupine Headband with Overhead Band - Penta

The Lupineheadband is made of high-quality textured PA6.6, which is produced in Germany and woven in Austria. The natural rubber used is responsible for the elasticity, which is processed inside the headband using a special binding technique.

The headbands are produced with the latest Jacquard technique by the specialist for headbands and eyewear straps. As a finishing the ribbons get a special fluorocarbon finish which makes sure that the ribbons are stabilized in shape and therefore get the characteristic grip and stability. Above all, this finishing treatment makes the strap water, dirt and oil repellent.

For all athletes, the headband with adjustable top band is recommended for a better fit under heavy loads.

Suitable for current models: Penta 1000 Lumen

Scope of supply: 1 headband with top band

Fact Sheet of Lupine Headband with Overhead Band - Penta

Product Name: Lupine Headband with Overhead Band - Penta
Manufacturer: Lupine
Item Code: LUP496374
activity: Outdoor
light mounting location: Head
light accessories: Headbelts
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Manufacturer page: http://www.lupine.de