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Veloflex Record Tubular Tire - 23-622 | gum

Veloflex Record Tubular Tire - 23-622 | gum

The Veloflex Record tubular tire is designed specifically for time trial and track cycling. Its tread is extremely light and smooth to achieve higher speeds and reduce rolling resistance to a minimum.

Handmade in Italy. All Veloflex Tubulars are handmade in a process that consists of 35 steps, starting with the raw material and the various components (yarn, latex, rubber, glue, valves). Precision craftsmanship and skill ensure high quality and high quality manufacturing results.

Technical details of the Veloflex Record tubular tire

  • range of use: road bike, time trial
  • construction: Tubular
  • density of the carcass fabric: 350 Threads per Inch (140/cm)
  • protective layer: Calico (puncture resistant)
  • carcass: compressed Pes/Co core-spun fabric
  • tread: exclusive blend of natural rubber and silica
  • inner tube material: Latex
  • valve: Presta (42 mm, interchangeable valve core)
  • tire pressure: 6 - 8 bar (85 - 130 psi)
  • weight: approx. 195 / 225 g (23 / 25 mm; manufacturer's specification)

Exclusive Compound | With its smooth profile, the innovative tread compound of natural rubber and silica forms the heart of the Veloflex tires. The compound not only ensures lower rolling resistance, but also exceptional road grip.

Corespun Casing | The soft yet flexible Corespun material of the carcass was developed to reduce the rolling resistance of the tire to a minimum.

Anti-Puncture Calicot Layer | The very thick texture of the puncture-resistant calico fabric protects against damage from sharp objects that could penetrate the carcass.

Latex Air Chamber | The ultra-light latex air chamber provides more elasticity and flexibility in all conditions, which in turn results in minimal rolling resistance, regardless of the road surface.

External Cotton Tape | The outer cotton tape fixes the inner tube to the rim. This not only ensures flexibility and elasticity, but also protects the casing from abrasion by the rim nipples.

Internal Polyester Tape | The inner polyester tape protects the inner air chamber of the tube from the zigzag seam that seals the casing.

Fact Sheet of Veloflex Record Tubular Tire - 23-622 | gum

Product Name: Veloflex Record Tubular Tire - 23-622 | gum
Manufacturer: Veloflex
Item Code: VEX498675
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: Road Bike, Time Trial, Track, Triathlon
wheel size: 28" (622mm)
tire type: Tubular Tire
ETRTO: 23-622
tire properties: Skinwall
carcass density: 350TPI/EPI
tire width: 23mm
tire compound: natural rubber, latex
Model year: 2024
Collection: Full year
Color: Black, Beige
weight: 190g
manufacturer item code: RT23G
Manufacturer page: http://www.veloflex.it