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Intend Blackline Ebonite Suspension Fork - 29" | 170mm | 44mm Offset | Tapered - 15x110mm Boost

Intend Blackline Ebonite Suspension Fork - 29" | 170mm | 44mm Offset | Tapered - 15x110mm Boost

Ebonite - Enduro/Freeride fork

This fork is a cnc-machined dream out of 7075 aluminum.

Probably the best fork you can buy for money

The result of 5 years of experience. Experience of suspension technologie. The result is the Ebonite fork. It can take all loads your are throwing to her. The friction of the whole system is as low as possible, the best seals and air spring techniques are combined with a chassis made out of high quality 7075 aluminum. bolted together with high strength stainless steel bolts.

Features of the Intend Blackline Ebonite:

  • 29” wheelsize only
  • Weight: 2280g
  • All necessary parts for later travel converting are in the package
  • Air sprung, adjustable progression with 3in1 volume spacer
  • Oil damped, adjustable in Lowspeedcompression and -rebound
  • 110x15mm Boost axle
  • 44mm Offset
  • Brakemount: 180mm
  • Max rotor size: 223mm
  • ATC: 592mm @ 180mm travel
  • Steerer length: 215mm
  • Royal Flush Coating for extreme sensitivity
  • SKF seals D35 with out collar



Why not upsidedown?

To be honest, the upsidedown-principle has advantages over the rightsideup. But it also have disadvantages, like every construction.

So the whole Blackline is made to meet the wishes of the costumer. You are scared of torsional stiffness or no guarded lowers? The Blackline forks will meet your demand, as it is a construction which you know from other brands. No thoughts about torsional stiffness and no thoughts about damaged lowers.

What is special about the Ebonite fork?

There is one thing Intend learned during making suspension forks. The weak point is the joint of the crown and steerertube. It is flexible, can creak and cause problems wherever you look. The steerer tube of the Ebonite is the same of the heavy Intend Flash fork, made with doubled wall thickness, so 6mm insteaf of 3mm of a normal forks steerer. And the upper 1 1/8″ side has 3mm instead of 2mm wall tickness. This is made to increase stiffness everywhere it is necessary.


The damping of the Ebonite (and also all other Intend forks) is done with a shimstack based architecture. There is a compression piston and a rebound piston which provides the highspeed circuits, and there are lowspeed ports with external adjusters to get the setup done from outside.

There is a long rubber bladder on the inside of the stanchion. This makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the unit for service or tuning.

Air spring:

The air spring of the Intend forks are made with a special mechanism to fill both chambers, negative and positive in the same time. There are 2 valves, which gets connected when you mount a shock pump and gets seperated when you dismount the shock pump.

There is a special pneumatic air lip-seal to provide a friction-reduced air system. There is no second positive chamber. With the large negative chamber, the Intend forks have a super supple beginning stroke without a hanging curve in the middle. With this construction it is not necessary to go the way with third chambers. It is easier to set up, it has lower friction (just imagine a normal quadring instead of a pneumatic air seal, and then imagine you have TWO of this quadrings inside, this is the opposite of what you want…) and is easy to manage with volume spacers to avoid bottom out.

And you can add the travel by simply add or remove 10mm spacers.


Upper stanchions with Royal Flush Coating

The upper legs of the Ebonite are double butted. This means they have bigger wall thickness at the area of high stress (on the crown side), and lower wall thickness at the area of lower stress to reduce weight.

What is the Royal Flush Coating?

It is a special treatment of the surfaces of the stanchions. It should not be too flattened, but not to rough, just a perfect balance.

Fact Sheet of Intend Blackline Ebonite Suspension Fork - 29" | 170mm | 44mm Offset | Tapered - 15x110mm Boost

Product Name: Intend Blackline Ebonite Suspension Fork - 29" | 170mm | 44mm Offset | Tapered - 15x110mm Boost
Manufacturer: Intend Blackline
Item Code: INB499713
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
usage bikesport: MTB, Enduro, Freeride
brake type: Disc Brake
wheel size: 29" (622mm)
travel fork: 170mm
axle standard: 15x110mm Boost (FW)
Rear Shock/Spring Version: Air Shock
fork/shock adjustability: Pressure positive air chamber, Air volume, Low speed rebound
fork length (axle to crown): 529mm
suspension: Air sprung, adjustable progression with 3in1 volume spacer
damping: Oil damped, adjustable in Lowspeedcompression and -rebound
fork offset: 44mm
Steerer tube Ø: 1 1/8"-1 1/2" tapered
shaft length: 215mm
disc brake mount: PM (7") 180mm
max. disc diameter: 223mm
steerer material: Aluminium
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
fork construction: Classic Suspension Fork
weight: 2280g
Manufacturer page: