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SQlab Saddle 613 Ergowave R S-Tube - .

SQlab Saddle 613 Ergowave R S-Tube - .

Triathletes are capable of suffering, yet seat complaints occur disproportionately often. The extreme riding position in combination with long riding sessions is an ergonomic challenge.

In the right shape with the right saddle shape

The 613 Ergowave R has not just any shape, but the perfect shape for the most difficult of all seating positions in cycling. A total of 18 years of SQlab experience has gone into this innovation: from the most varied seat bone distances, anatomies to solving customer problems, the development of saddles should not only bring more comfort and more relief, but also increase performance in competition.

The 613 Ergowave R brings the pressure through the raised rear not yet completely on the sit bones but for the first time in triathlon in the direction of the ischial branches. The perineal area is relieved and the additional support to the rear improves power transmission. A positive side effect is that skin irritations are reduced. Why the adaptation of the SQlab step saddle appeared only five years after the SQlab Ergowave form, lies in the details. The coordination between position and height of the step in combination with the waist, the dip and the width as well as the sloping nose tip meant a very high development effort.

Features of the SQlab Saddle 613 Ergowave R S-Tube

  • relief of sensitive areas
  • more efficient power transmission
  • avoidance of force-consuming protective postures
  • more legroom
  • width (in cm): 11, 12 & 13
  • weight (in g, manufacturer information): 230 (11cm), 232 (12cm), 235 (13cm)
  • range of use: Triathlon
  • length (in mm): 249
  • hardness (in SQ-Shore): 55
  • relief in the perineal area (in %): 60
  • material struts: S-Tube
  • material cover: B78
  • max. load (in kg): 90
  • unisex

Fact Sheet of SQlab Saddle 613 Ergowave R S-Tube - .

Product Name: SQlab Saddle 613 Ergowave R S-Tube - .
Manufacturer: SQlab
Item Code: SQL516733
activity: Cycling, Triathlon
gender: men, unisex
material: Steel, Composite
usage bikesport: Triathlon
rail clamp style: oval rails
pressure relief: with Relief / Cutout
Material saddle cover: Synthetic
Material saddle rails: Steel Alloy
length x width: 2490 x 110mm
saddle padding: with Padding
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 230g
Manufacturer page: