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FOX 38 Float GRIP2 Factory 29 Inch Suspension Fork - 160mm - 51mm Offset - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - black

FOX 38 Float GRIP2 Factory 29 Inch Suspension Fork - 160mm - 51mm Offset - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - black


The Enduro specialist!

All the revolutionary features of the FOX 36 packed into a super-strong chassis designed specifically for modern, hardcore, long-travel enduro racing - the FOX 38 is at the starting line! Whatever comes its way, it will never tire of panting for more speed.


Features of the FOX 38 Float GRIP2 Factory

  • FLOAT EVOL air spring for more comfort
  • Revised Grip2 shock for ultra-precise adjustability
  • Weight-optimized chassis with optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • Reworked fork decorations
  • Kashima coating


Details of the FOX 38 Float GRIP2 Factory

Factory says it all - packed with features and designed to exceed rider demands. Factory series products feature an extra-smooth, ultra-durable Kashima coating. The updated GRIP2 shock is the benchmark for unmatched ride quality and ultra-precise on-the-fly adjustability.

For 2021, FOX has taken the GRIP2 to the next level by adding patented VVC technology to the high-speed compression circuit. VVC is a proprietary variable valve control system that allows for external fine tuning of suspension performance. GRIP2 accomplishes with the turn of a knob what normally requires the time-consuming and complicated task of completely disassembling and reassembling the fork. It allows you to adjust the high/low speed compression and rebound damping.

The lightweight FLOAT air suspension system automatically balances the positive and negative air chambers for increased sensitivity and traction regardless of air pressure setting. Riders can fine-tune the characteristics of the positive air spring using volume spacers. Using a shorter stance tube saves weight and creates a lightweight overall system.

Floating axles may look similar to axles, but they actually offer a significant performance advantage. Floating axles provide much smoother suspension movement throughout the fork travel range, greatly improving sensitivity and overall ride quality. Furthermore, perfect suspension alignment is created and unwanted friction between the upper and lower fork legs is eliminated.

When a fork is compressed, the volume of air in the dip tubes decreases. The more the fork is compressed, the more the pressure increases. This effect can have the unintended consequence of preventing full suspension travel. Ducts in the dip tubes help reduce the amount of additional pressure increase. Additionally, bleeders allow for easy pressure equalization at the push of a button.

Stiffness to weight is the ultimate metric for in bicycle design. Engineers invest countless hours to optimize this ratio. The all-new lower leg design pulls out all the stops, saving every gram possible without compromising the stiffness or strength requirements of modern enduro and gravity riding.

Modern frame designs and geometry trends demand modern design solutions for suspension forks. The triple clamp is designed to perfectly fit modern enduro and downhill bikes. State-of-the-art computer techniques helped FOX develop an organic lower leg shape that optimizes stiffness with an absolute minimum of material. The elliptical steering tube is another way FOX has further optimized stiffness relative to weight. Material only placed where it is needed and every unnecessary gram has been eliminated.

Fact Sheet of FOX 38 Float GRIP2 Factory 29 Inch Suspension Fork - 160mm - 51mm Offset - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - black

Product Name: FOX 38 Float GRIP2 Factory 29 Inch Suspension Fork - 160mm - 51mm Offset - Tapered - 15x110mm Boost - black
Manufacturer: FOX Factory
Item Code: FOX527672
activity: Cycling
usage bikesport: MTB, Enduro, All-Mountain
brake type: Disc Brake
wheel size: 28" (29") (622mm)
travel fork: 160mm
axle standard: 15x110mm Boost (FW)
air/coil spring: Air spring
fork/shock adjustability: Air volume, High speed compression, Low speed rebound, High speed rebound
stanchion diameter: 38mm
suspension: FLOAT EVOL
damping: GRIP 2
fork offset: 51mm
Steerer tube Ø: 1 1/8"-1 1/2" tapered
disc brake mount: PM (7") 180mm
max. disc diameter: 230mm
steerer material: Aluminium
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
fork construction: Classic Suspension Fork
manufacturer item code: 910-21-025
Manufacturer page: