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Campagnolo Super Record / Stages L Powermeter Crankset - 2x12-speed - 52/36 Teeth

Campagnolo Super Record / Stages L Powermeter Crankset - 2x12-speed - 52/36 Teeth

The Super Record 2x12-speed groupset is the highest expression of the prestigious Italian brand's technology and evolution. It is meant for those who want to fit their bicycle with the best Campagnolo has to offer in terms of performance and distinction. The drive to improve what is already considered a reference point results in every single detail being tended to, including the most minute.

The Super Record components are both extremely lightweight and very sturdy. This groupset is the crowned jewel of Campagnolo's innovation and the technologies, the materials and the expertise that the groupset is made with place it in a category apart.


Campagnolo x Stages

With the Power L model, the Super Record Carbon crank trimmed for maximum performance meets the high-resolution Gen 3 Powermeter technology from Stages. A strain gauge specially developed for Campagnolo crank arms measures the cyclist's wattage values with maximum precision. Thanks to optimised signal strength, the pre-mounted sensor also ensures seamless data transmission via Bluetooth and ANT+ and integrates seamlessly into the elegant design of the 2x12-speed crankset with a low additional weight of just 15 grams.


Technical details of the Stages L Powermeter

  • cadence measurement via optimised acceleration sensor and integrated ring laser
  • power range: 0 - 2500 watts
  • cadence range: 20 - 220 rpm
  • Active Temperature Compensation (ATC) as an automated process to determine consistent performance data under any environmental conditions
  • individual and independent calibration of each Stages powermeter for maximum measurement accuracy (+/- 1.5 %)
  • integrated LED display for visualisation of battery level and calibration result (no active connection to the app or bike computer required)
  • improved Bluetooth and ANT+ antennas for a 6-fold increase in data transmission strength
  • wireless Firmware updates
  • compatible software: Stages Link, Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center, etc.
  • battery life: over 200 hours
  • water resistance: IPX7


Campagnolo Super Record Carbon crankset

The highest level of innovation for maximum stiffness and shifting precision

The Campagnolo Super Record 2x12-speed carbon crankset has been made lighter on the inside thanks to "Hollow Technology" which uses the Ultra Torque bracket system with a titanium axle to transfer all of the force the athlete applies to the pedal to the drivetrain. The crank can be installed on any type of frame, whether or not it is being used with disc brakes because it optimizes the chain line on the frame with a rear hub flange measuring 130, 135 or 142 mm, without affecting the Q-factor.

The use of ceramic CULT ceramic bearings leads to obtaining the smooth ride that the Campagnolo brand is known for. The innovative design of the outer chainring ensures faster, quieter derailing owing to the contoured pin. The symmetrical design of the inner chainring teeth allows improved stability with chain crossovers.

A greater use of carbon fibres at the crank arms with the standard double B.C.D. (112 and 145 mm) reduces the weight while eight fixing screws increase the structure stiffness. The varying number of pins for each of the three chainring combinations (50/34, 52/36 and 53/39 teeth) facilitates upshifting due to the optimised free strokes associated with each combination. The special drains on the inside of the outer chainrings improve performance when downshifting in dead spots.


Features and benefits of the Super Record TI Carbon Crank

  • New design, same dimensions.
    Compatible with all frame systems, regardless of the width of the rear chainstay.
  • The right hand crank arms are coupled two by two in the zones subject to greater force applied by the cyclist.
    They provide maximum stiffness to the crankset during upshifting.
  • Unchanged Q-factor (145.5 mm).
    Both the dimensions and the pedaling biodynamics remain unchanged.
  • UD carbon crank arms, titanium axle and aluminium chainrings.
    Substantial stiffness and excellent power transfer.
  • Symmetrical inner chainring teeth.
    Fluid and precise drivetrain, even with the greater crossovers.
  • Optimized design for every chainring combination.
    Maximum performance, always.
  • Double standard B.C.D.
    Improved system stiffness and reduced weight due to increased use of carbon fibre.
  • Superficial treatment of the chainrings for a longer lifetime.



crank arms: carbon
chainrings: aluminium
axle: titanium


Weight (manufacturer's specs):

approx. 633 grams (172.5 mm | 50/34 teeth | incl. Powermeter sensor)


Content of delivery: crankset incl. integrated Powermeter sensor and battery (CR2032 coin cell)

Fact Sheet of Campagnolo Super Record / Stages L Powermeter Crankset - 2x12-speed - 52/36 Teeth

Product Name: Campagnolo Super Record / Stages L Powermeter Crankset - 2x12-speed - 52/36 Teeth
Manufacturer: Campagnolo
Item Code: CAM527977
activity: Cycling
material: Carbon
usage bikesport: Road Bike
crank arm length: 170, 172.5, 175
shifting system: 12-speed
bottom bracket axle profile: Ultra-Torque / K-Type - 25mm
bottom bracket/axle special features: Power Meter
Road - bolt circle diameter: 112/145mm
number of teeth: 52-36
chainring mount: 2-speed
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 633g
manufacturer item code: FC21-SR12062SPL (170 mm)
FC21-SR12262SPL (172.5 mm)
FC21-SR12562SPL (175 mm)
Manufacturer page: