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SmellWell Freshener Bag Light - 12L - blue

SmellWell Freshener Bag Light - 12L - blue

Simple concept - advanced technology

More than just a gym bag. SmellWell Freshener Bags are unique gym bags that eliminate moisture, bacteria and odor. SmellWell Freshener Bags are best suited for shoes, sports clothes and much more. SmellWell Freshener Bags work for up to 2 years and can be reloaded in the sun or on the heater in between. Unopened packages retain full potency indefinitely.

Features of SmellWell Freshener Bags Light - Freshener Bags

  • The first functional activity bag for on the go
  • Neutralizes odor, absorbs moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria
  • SmellWell ™ membrane inside contains microporous activated moso bamboo charcoal and minerals that dehumidify and deodorize your belongings
  • Infused with a mild and clean scent that enhances the feeling of freshness
  • Outer shell made of lightweight, durable and water-resistant ripstop that stands up to daily use
  • Use as a drawstring bag - or to conveniently separate dirty or wet gear from other items in your gym bag or luggage
  • 100% carbon neutral and made from sustainable and recycled materials
  • Developed, designed and tested in Sweden. 100% non-toxic and REACH certified for environment and safety.
  • SmellWell Freshener Bags work for up to 2 years and can be recharged in the sun or on the heater in between uses
  • Unopened packages retain full potency indefinitely

Areas of use:

  • Example of what fits: Shoes and workout clothes. Capacity: 12L
  • Perfect for keeping your shoes and gear fresh while traveling or heading to the gym. For storing shoes out of season to keep them fresh until next year.
  • For all types of shoes and gear: running shoes, sneakers, soccer cleats, shin guards, grappling gloves, gym straps, knee socks, and basically anything that tends to get damp and smelly if not taken care of.
  • Just put your shoes, activewear and sports gear inside and the Freshener Bag gets to work immediately, absorbing moisture, neutralizing odor and keeping the contents fresh.

SmellWell was developed by Swedish athletes and scientists who live an active lifestyle. SmellWell Freshener Bags contain Moso bamboo and natural minerals and salts that fight moisture, bacteria and odor. The special ripstop outer material is tear and water resistant. Tested and certified under REACH for consumer and environmental safety. Free of harmful substances and completely free of biocides of phthalates. All SmellWell products are produced Climate-Neutral.


Fact Sheet of SmellWell Freshener Bag Light - 12L - blue

Product Name: SmellWell Freshener Bag Light - 12L - blue
Manufacturer: SmellWell
Item Code: SML538286
gender: unisex
activity: Cycling, Outdoor, Run, Fitness, Triathlon
Volume: 12l
textile fabric: Synthetics, Recycled Fabrics
Access main compartment: Top
Closure main compartment: Drawstring closure
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
Color: Blue
weight: 200g
Weight Source: Manufacturer
Bag - Style: Gym / mesh bag
Bag - Purpose & Features : Shoes, Anti-odor
Manufacturer page: http://smellwell.se