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Beast Components

Beast Components Carbon Riser Bar 25 2.0 - 31.8 MTB Handlebar - UD red

Beast Components Carbon Riser Bar 25 2.0 - 31.8 MTB Handlebar - UD red


Handmade in Germany!

Beast Component's proven Riser Bar has been upgraded to give you the freedom to choose brakes without worrying about awkward clamps. A tad heavier than before, but a lot stronger, this carbon handlebar withstands the toughest industry test in the world. So you can ride it on your Enduro without any worries. The premium balance of flexibility, vibration dampening and strength provides precise steering and the ultimate on-trail experience.


Features of the Beast Components Carbon Riser Bar 2.0

  • reworked version for higher safety and fatigue strength
  • polyester prepreg fleece in the clamping area of the brakes
  • improved damping of shocks and vibrations
  • high stiffness for precise maneuvering


Details of the Beast Components Carbon Riser Bar 2.0

Some brakes and clamps, such as those from Shimano and SRAM, have a very unfavorable clamp design for carbon and lightweight handlebars. The clamps are not round and the contact surface is minimal. Loads are thus no longer distributed over the clamping area of the handlebar, but introduced selectively. This squeezing principle of the new brake clamps is pure poison for any carbon structure.

In order to achieve greater safety and fatigue strength, Beast Components took another look at the structure of the handlebar in the clamping area of the brake levers. In addition to the new even more sophisticated and load-oriented layer structure and a very complex fiber arrangement, Beast Components now uses a special polyester prepreg fleece for their risers and flat bars.

The polyester prepreg fleece has the following positive properties. It has a high strength and at the same time a low sliding friction and sliding wear. Beast Components uses it exclusively in the clamping area of the brakes. This way punctual loads are absorbed much better and distributed evenly on the handlebar. Indentations of the clamps are minimized and the carbon layers underneath are protected. In a way, it is a safety buffer to the pressure-sensitive carbon surface and allows you to freely choose your desired brake and use a higher tightening torque.

The polyester-prepreg-fleece used by the handlebar blends discreetly into the appearance of the handlebar, but visually breaks through the fiber structure. If fittings and grips are installed, the new clamping area is not noticeable. Beast Components accepts the optical change and the additional weight of approx. 20 g compared to the old models, because it provides you with much more safety.

To confirm the new safety level, Beast Components has once again tightened their test procedures. In doing so, they added more realistic operations to the test cycles shown. This includes, for example, twisting the brake clamps five times with a tightening torque of 1.5 Nm and tightening and loosening the brake clamps ten times with a tightening torque of 4Nm before the actual test.

Fact Sheet of Beast Components Carbon Riser Bar 25 2.0 - 31.8 MTB Handlebar - UD red

Product Name: Beast Components Carbon Riser Bar 25 2.0 - 31.8 MTB Handlebar - UD red
Manufacturer: Beast Components
Item Code: BEA546080
activity: Cycling
material: Carbon
usage bikesport: MTB, Cross Country, Enduro, Downhill, Trail
Handlebar Clamp Ø: 31,7 / 31,8mm
Handlebar Design: Riserbar
Handlebar Properties: Backsweep, Upsweep
bar width: 800mm
rise: 25mm
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Red
weight: 231g
manufacturer item code: RI318025UR2
Manufacturer page: