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Alpina Altona M Helmet - black-stealth matt

Alpina Altona M Helmet - black-stealth matt

Visor down and into the turmoil

The Altona M earns points for its mirrored visor and outstanding damping and ventilation features thanks to the Koroyd technology.

The new commuter helmet from ALPINA gets you closer to your goals. All of your goals. Thanks to a number of new technologies, the ALTONA sets new standards when it comes to safety, ventilation, comfort and integration.

Features of the Altona M

  • Inmold Tec: Inmold helmets are made by fusing the inner shell underneath the outer shell at high pressure. The two shells are bonded, making Inmold helmets extremely stable and very light.
  • Koroyd: Koroyd is an extremely stable and lightweight honeycomb structure consisting of a variety of small inter-connected tubes
  • Hi-EPS: All Inmold helmets have inner shells made of Hi-EPS (highly expanded polystyrene). This material consists of many microscopically small air chambers which effectively absorb the forces caused by an impact. In addition, Hi-EPS does not absorb water or sweat.
  • Ceramic Shell: This is the outer shell of all Alpina helmets manufactured using the Inmold process. This lightweight material is extremely impact- and scratch-resistant, it contains UV stabilisers and is anti-static.
  • Flash Light: An LED light that’s easy to install in the back of the helmet. It features three lighting options: rotating chain, constant light and flashing light.
  • Edge Protect: It is applied to the bottom edges of the helmet using Inmold technology, greatly enhancing safety in the event of a side impact and providing protection against damage in everyday use.
  • Run System Ergo Flex 2: Run System Ergo Flex 2 is the lightest and most comfortable adjustment system from Alpina. Its sophisticated construction ensures an even fit around the head to provide enhanced protection.
  • 3D Fit: The head band at the back of the head is height-adjustable in five steps for enhanced fit of the helmet.
  • Ergomatic: Ergomatic is a non-twist adjustment mechanism with several settings selectable one-handed. It cannot come open in case of a crash.
  • Custom Fit System: The angle of the neck support can be adjusted produce a perfect fit at the rear of the head.
  • Y-Clip: The Y-Clip connects the front and rear straps beneath the ear. Fine adjustments are quick and extremely easy to make.
  • Jet vision: Integrated and tiltable visor with Singleflex technology (Protection level category 0)
  • Singleflex: Anti-fog single-pan lens with 100% UV-A, -B, and -C protection plus fogstop coating on the unbreakable polycarbonate lens
  • Earphone Tubes: With the Earphone Tubes you can easily fix your headphone cables to the chin lock.


The high-performance material Koroyd ensures maximum protection. The stable and extremely lightweight honeycomb structure consists of a multitude of small tubes that are thermally connected to each other. In the event of an impact, they flatten and absorb energy. Due to the stable design, Koroyd also allows for much larger openings in the helmet surface, which guarantee excellent ventilation. Ventilation ducts guide the air inside the helmet along your head.

With the ALTONA, the ventilation management can also be actively regulated by a sliding upper shell. Whether in the cool morning or in hot rush hour traffic, the ventilation is always optimal.

However, the ALTONA is much more than just a helmet. It is a helmet and glasses in one - thanks to the integrated break-proof visor. The light silver-coloured reflective surface reflects infra-red rays, ensuring 100% UV protection at all times.

An additional positive: there’s also enough room behind the visor for optical glasses. The Run System Ergo Flex ensures the perfect fit and the best-possible safety. The delicate design hugs the head evenly. A helmet cannot be adjusted more individually, more easily and more comfortably.

The long list of equipment from the ALTONA is completed by loops on the straps that can be used to affix headphones as well as by the plug-in light on the back of the helmet. Two modes, steady and flashing, can be activated at the push of a button, even while riding.

ALPINA has developed the best helmet for you for the urban environment. The ALTONA has everything you need for when you are on your way to work, your tour through the city and your maximum safety.

Fact Sheet of Alpina Altona M Helmet - black-stealth matt

Product Name: Alpina Altona M Helmet - black-stealth matt
Manufacturer: Alpina
Item Code: ALP554184
activity: Cycling
gender: men, unisex
material: Composite
usage bikesport: City, Tarmac
helmet certified for: Cycling
bike helmet version: without Visor, with Eye Shield, with Light, Oversize >61cm
helmet finish: matt
helmet vents: 8
head circumference (range): 52-62cm
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Black
weight: 498g
Manufacturer page: