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DUKE Baccara 48C SLS2 Ultra Carbon Rim - Tubeless / Disc - 21-622 / 2mm Offset - 28 Spoke Holes

DUKE Baccara 48C SLS2 Ultra Carbon Rim - Tubeless / Disc - 21-622 / 2mm Offset - 28 Spoke Holes

The DUKE Baccara SLS2 rims are the latest evolution of the essential 3K Baccara model. For the latest generation, the DUKE engineers focused on 3 points: weight, comfort and aerodynamics.

Thanks to the Ultra concept, the Baccara rim is not only a lot lighter, but also even faster. The 48C version features a 48 mm high, asymmetric rim profile and is compatible with Tubeless tyres. Designed for road bikes with disc brakes, it also offers the advantages of lower rotational mass and inertia.


LOW WEIGHT. Thanks to the SLS2 technology, DUKE could lower the weight by 10 % compared to previous models. This concept uses high modulus fibres and a new process of molding in sealed enclosure with resins of latest generation. In addition, vibrations generated by the particle size of the bitumen can be filtered better within this process.
IMPROVED COMFORT. With 21 mm, the internal rim width between hooks is larger than before improving performance, comfort and cornering grip. A wide rim also means being able to use thinner and lighter tyres while maintaining the softness and grip provided by a larger air volume.
AERODYNAMIC PROFILE. The rim profile has been reworked to improve its aerodynamics and stability in all wind conditions. With 27.6 mm, the external width is larger and features a new "Warhead" shape. This reduces aerodynamic drag and thus increases its speed. The wheels are also less sensitive to side wind and the steering more precise, so the cyclist feels more confident. The best results are achieved with 25 mm tires.

ASYMMETRIC CROSS-SECTION. The rim's version with asymmetric profile features a 2 mm Offset. With the increase in the number of speeds, the cassette side flange of the hub is seen more and more recentered towards the inside of the wheel. The resulting displacement of the spokes reduces the stability and lateral stiffness of the wheel. The asymmetrical design rebalances the spoke tensions providing more rigidity and durability.


Technical details of the DUKE Baccara Ultra 48C carbon rim

  • use: Road
  • tyre type: clincher, folding tyre, Tubeless
  • cross-section: asymmetrical (2 mm Offset)
  • profile height: 48 mm
  • external width: 27.6 mm / internal width: 21 mm
  • recommende tyre width: 25 to 28 mm
  • recommended rim tape: 24 mm
  • weight: ca. 395 g (± 15 g, manufacturer's specs)
  • max. system weight: 95 kg

Developed and tested in Vendée (France).


SLS2 (Super Light Série 2) | The SLS models are 10 % lighter than traditional rims while maintaining exactly the same strength and stiffness.For achieving this, the manufacturing process as well as the types of carbon fibre and resin are different. In addition, SLS2 rims are manufactured in a sealed atmosphere and require no retouching at the exit of the mold. Without sanding or varnishing, an exceptional finish is achieved.
DUKE Original Profile | In 2 words, Duke Technology. DUKE is proprietor of the manufacturing tools and processes for its alloy rims and of the moulds for its carbon models. This enables them to offer you some of the most technically-advanced rims with a wider profile, offset and the result of many years of experience.
Tubeless Ready | DUKE's Tubeless compatible rims (UST, Tubeless Ready and NoTubes) only require some DUKE rim tape and a Tubeless Ready valve. They can also be used in a classic clincher set up (tyre + inner tube).
Asymmetric Design (Offset) | By offsetting, the wheel’s lateral strength and its stability can be increased without adding weight. Rim drillings are off-centre to optimise bracing angles for a stronger, more rigid wheel. In addition, an offset improves the balance between of the spoke tension between the drive and non-drive side as well as durability over the long-term.

Fact Sheet of DUKE Baccara 48C SLS2 Ultra Carbon Rim - Tubeless / Disc - 21-622 / 2mm Offset - 28 Spoke Holes

Product Name: DUKE Baccara 48C SLS2 Ultra Carbon Rim - Tubeless / Disc - 21-622 / 2mm Offset - 28 Spoke Holes
Manufacturer: DUKE Racing Wheels
Item Code: DKE558218
activity: Cycling
material: Carbon
usage bikesport: Road Bike
wheel size: 28" (29") (622mm)
tire type: Wire Bead Tire, Folding Tire, Tubeless Ready
ERD - effective rim Ø: 547mm
Air pressure: 8.5bar
fitting tire dimensions: 25-28mm
ETRTO: 21-622
rim width: 27.6mm
inner profile width: 21mm
rim profile height: 48mm
Model year: 2022
Color: Black
weight: 395g
manufacturer item code: B48C UU
Number of Spoke Holes: 28
Manufacturer page: