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Supernova B54 Battery Pack - Black Edition

Supernova B54 Battery Pack - Black Edition

The Supernova B54 battery pack is now also available in a stylish Black Edition. The aluminium housing ensures better cooling of the cells. With the 50mm wide velcro strap and the padded mount, the battery can be quickly and comfortably attached to the frame.

Connectivity & sensors

Via Bluetooth LE, the battery can be easily connected to a smartphone or smartwatch and operated with the Supernova app, supported on Android and iOS. The built-in light sensor enables the intelligent activation of the low beam when darkness falls or sudden changes in light, for example when passing through a tunnel. The coming-home mode switches the light off by itself after a few minutes by means of the integrated vibration sensor.

Optimal temperature & hibernation mode

The optimum charging temperature of a battery is around 20°C. Significantly higher and lower temperatures damage the cell chemistry immensely during the charging process. If the charging temperatures are too low, the preheating function comes into play and a charge cut-off at temperatures above 40°C to protect against overheating. If the battery is not used for a longer period of time, it can simply be put into hibernation mode. It is then kept at optimum voltage at the charger. This stops the chemical ageing of the battery almost completely. Deep discharge is prevented.

Longlife mode

The longlife mode ensures a particularly long service life for the battery cells. In this mode, any overheating of the cells during the charging process is prevented by a special processor-controlled charge. The battery is only charged to 85% in this mode, which prevents harmful high battery voltage.


There is a 5 year warranty on the battery if it is used in the fully automatic longlife mode for more than 50% of its useful life. Without using the longlife mode, the warranty is 3 years.


Specifications of the Supernova B54 Black Edition battery pack

  • 54Wh
  • 10.9V
  • 21700 battery cells
  • Bluetooth LE
  • light sensor
  • coming-home mode
  • preheat function
  • hibernation mode
  • material: aluminium, black, polished
  • dimensions: 98x46x50mm
  • manufacturer warranty: up to 5 years warranty with at least 50% usage in longlife mode
  • weight: approx. 300g (manufacturer's specification)

Fact Sheet of Supernova B54 Battery Pack - Black Edition

Product Name: Supernova B54 Battery Pack - Black Edition
Manufacturer: Supernova
Item Code: SNL559805
activity: Cycling
material: Aluminium
dimensions (l/w/h): 98/46/50mm
battery ernergy: 54Wh
voltage: 10.9V
Battery Type: 20700/21700, Custom Li-Ion/LiPo Pack
power supply version: Rechargeable Batteries
Model year: 2023
Color: Black
weight: 300g
manufacturer item code: V-B54
Manufacturer page: