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Trangia Storm Cooker 25-23 UL/D with spirit burner

Trangia Storm Cooker 25-23 UL/D with spirit burner

Series 25 includes somewhat larger stoves suitable for groups of about 3-4 people. They are excellent family stoves with capacious saucepans, a wider frypan and a larger kettle. With the supports in the raised position, the stove can be used with large billies from the rest of the Trangia range.


Features of the Storm Cooker 25-23 UL/D with spirit burner:

  • Saucepan 1,5l Duossal
  • Saucepan 1,75l Duossal
  • Frypan Ø220 mm Non-stick
  • Windshields upper & lower UL
  • Spirit burner with simmer ring & lid
  • Strap 68 cm
  • Handle
  • Dimensions: Ø220 mm x H105 mm
  • Fuel: Methylated spirit
  • Effect: 1000w
  • Total weight: 1090g
  • Material (D): Duossal


Duossal 2.0 is Trangia’s unique super laminate. Duossal 2.0 is a perfect combination of two materials in one, pressed together under high pressure. Aluminium on the outside for good thermal conductivity, and stainless steel inside, which makes the pans scratch resistant and easy to clean. Duossal pans are durable and heat up quickly. The thickness of the material is a total of 0.8mm. Stainless steel 0.3 / Aluminium 0.5 mm. 


The non-stick coating (Non-Stick) is used primarily on frying pans, but is also available on cooking pots. Non-stick pots and pans are made of Ultralight and have a coating that food won't stick to - even if you use little or no oil or butter. This also means that they are very easy to clean. However, it is less durable, and we recommend using only wooden or plastic utensils with these pots and pans. The non-stick coating of Trangia is a PTFE, which is free of PFOA.

Fact Sheet of Trangia Storm Cooker 25-23 UL/D with spirit burner

Product Name: Trangia Storm Cooker 25-23 UL/D with spirit burner
Manufacturer: Trangia
Item Code: TGA574518
activity: Outdoor
dimensions (l/w/h): 220/220/105mm
stove version: Stove system
fuel: Spirit
stove power: 1000W
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
weight: 1090g
manufacturer item code: 120253
Manufacturer page: