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Bliz Breeze Replacement Lens - Coral with Blue Multi Nano Optics Nordic Light

Bliz Breeze Replacement Lens - Coral with Blue Multi Nano Optics Nordic Light

Replacement lens for Bliz Breeze sports glasses.

Bliz has a wide range of high quality interchangeable lenses for its various sports eyewear. The Bliz goggles are designed so that the lenses can be easily changed depending on weather and light conditions.

The aim is to provide you with the greatest possible flexibility when practicing different sports.


Bliz Breeze  Replacement Lens Filter category 1 for flat lighting conditions, increased contrast and brightening of the landscape (49% VLT).

Nordic Light™ - Extreme Contrast

Born and raised in the north. Shaped and molded byharsh and unforgiving environments. Approved by the real natives of Scandinavia. This is what led to the creation of Nordic Light. Nordic Light is a unique high tech lens which considerably enhances the contrasts and colors, giving you clear
and crisp vision in low light conditions and flat light. The lens removes the blurry colors between the blue and green, and between the green and the red wave-lenghts. These selected colors are blocked by the Nordic Light lens, resulting in a noticable improvement in contrasts and sharpness, even during the toughest weather conditions. Reveal your true environment. Testing things in laboratory conditions is great. But what does that say about user experience? We have had the world elite in cycling and cross country skiing testing the lenses in the toughest possible environment. After getting their feedback, this is the result.

Coral - Amber

Light transmission: 49-51%
Category: 1
Mirror: Blue
Hydrophobic & Oleophobic
Groundbreaking 1 lens that enhances contrasts and blocks out destructive UV-light. These lenses cut out the blurry light in between the clear colors. Leaving the clear colors gives your eyes more comfort and better vision. The experience is that your visual perception is boosted and you see contrasts more clearly. The soft and relaxing amber color gives your eyes the relaxation and contrast needed to keep focused all day long, especially in bad weather conditions.

Summary of the different filter categories of the Bliz Breeze Spare Lens

0 = ❅☁ Dark conditions such as dusk, night, indoors, snowfall or cloudy days. LT 80-100%
1 = ☁ Flat lighting conditions, increased contrast and landscape brightness. LT 43-80%
2 = ☁☀ Enhanced contrast on bright days in all ambient conditions. LT 18-43%.
3 = ☀ For bright conditions. LT 8-18%
4 = ☀☀ Exceptionally strong sunlight. LT 3-8%

Fact Sheet of Bliz Breeze Replacement Lens - Coral with Blue Multi Nano Optics Nordic Light

Product Name: Bliz Breeze Replacement Lens - Coral with Blue Multi Nano Optics Nordic Light
Manufacturer: Bliz
Item Code: BLI580100
Weight Source: Manufacturer
material: Composite
lens properties: constant tinge, mirrored, changeable lenses, UV Protection
For lighting conditons: Category 1 - bad weather
lens material: Polycarbonate
light transmission: 49%
eyewear accessories: Replacement lenses
Model year: 2023
Collection: Autumn/Winter
Color: Yellow, Blue
Manufacturer page: