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Care Plus First Aid Kit - Adventurer

Care Plus First Aid Kit - Adventurer

This kit is the latest in the World & Travel series of products and it has been specially designed for people travelling in regions where medical care is poor. Such travellers not only need a basic set of dressings and First Aid material, they should also have a variety of needles and other sterile ma­terial. This kit contains all the necessary First Aid material packaged in a strong nylon case. When you are treated at the Emergency Room at your destination, you can give this First Aid Kit to the medical staff to work with.

Content: 1 Care Plus® First Aid Guidance Card, 5 compresses 5 x 5cm, 1 moist wound 5cm x 4m, 5 plaster 19 x 38mm, 5 plaster 25 x 72mm, 5 plaster 60 x 100mm, 1 first aid dressing 12 x 12cm, 1 tape 1,25cm x 1m, 5 adhesive strips, 6 needle and syringe 0,6 x 25 / 5ml, 6 disposable needles 0,8 x 40, 1 infusion needle (cannula IV) 125ml/min, 1 thread and needle 75cm/Nylon, 4 blood lancets, 1 pairs of vinyl gloves, 10 alcohol cloths, 1 first aid scissors, 1 tweezers, 1 scalpel, 1 ventilator cap, 1 medical explanation, 1 summary of the contents.

Fact Sheet of Care Plus First Aid Kit - Adventurer

Product Name: Care Plus First Aid Kit - Adventurer
Manufacturer: Care Plus
Item Code: CPL158582
dimensions (l/w/h): 227/205/80mm
Equipment bag version: First Aid
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Red
weight: 385g