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Suunto 5 Peak Multisport GPS Watch - Dark Heather

Suunto 5 Peak Multisport GPS Watch - Dark Heather


Lightweight multisport watch for training, exploration and well-being.

The Suunto 5 Peak helps you to take the first step and keep on moving. This lightweight GPS watch equips you with easy-to-use sport and outdoor features, great battery life and music controls. It also tracks your sleep and daily wellbeing. Made in Finland. Made for you to stay active.

Key features of the Suunto 5 Peak

  • Intelligent battery modes
  • Over 80 sports modes
  • Sleep and activity tracking
  • Music controls
  • Stress and recovery
  • GPS navigation
  • Over-the-air update
  • 30 m water resistant

Highlights of Suunto 5 Peak Features

  • Burner - The Burner feature shows how fast you are burning grams of fat and carbohydrates while exercising. Helps in weight management and maintaining a healthy balance with diet and exercise.

  • Tour battery mode - Now you can enjoy even longer adventures with the new ’Tour’ battery mode that gives you up to 4 days of continuous GPS tracking.

  • 3D Heatmaps in the App - Planning in 3D helps you to get a comprehensive understanding of what kind of terrain you’ll encounter. Heatmaps show you the most popular routes for your sport. Sync your routes to your watch for easy navigation.

  • Music controls - With music controls on your wrist you can adjust the volume, pause and skip tracks. Connect your headset to your phone and off you go.

  • Over the air software update - Enjoy the convenience of over the air software update via Suunto app, so that your watch always has the latest and greatest software.

  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation - Never take a wrong turn again with turn-by-turn navigation alerts. Plan your route on Suunto app and sync it with your Suunto 5 Peak to get started. When a turn is approaching, you’ll receive an alert so you can enjoy the scenery instead of focusing on your watch.

  • Virtual Ghost Runner - Catch the virtual ghost runner to practice your pacing or just for fun.

  • Point of interest and navigation - A point of interest (POI) is an important location that you can save and navigate later to. Create POIs on your Suunto 5 Peak by saving your current location, or add them in Suunto app and sync them to your watch. When navigating towards a POI, you can see the direction and distance to the location. If you need to, you can easily switch between POI and route navigation when you’re on the go.

Advantages of Suunto 5 Peak

Lightweight and durable

Suunto 5 Peak packs superior battery life in a compact design. You don’t need to charge often as the fully charged battery lasts for up to 7 days including daily activity and sleep tracking as well as 3 hours of training with accurate GPS. If you are planning a longer trip, selecting the tour mode provides you with GPS tracking for up to 100 hours. Lightweight design, comfortable fit, durability and waterproofness make this watch a perfect companion for your active everyday life, and nothing can stop you.

Easy to stay active and recover

With over 80 sports modes, there’s a built-in mode for pretty much every exercise you can image. The adaptive training guidance and fitness level tracking gives you an extra boost and help you improve your fitness. Making sure you recover well is made easy with sleep, recovery and stress tracking. You’ll find helpful summaries of your training, daily activity and rest in Suunto app.

Experience new places

With 3D heatmaps and popular routes on Suunto app, you can easily break your routines and discover new places near or far. For peace and quiet, explore the heatmaps to stay away from the masses. Syncing routes to your watch is quick and hassle-free. With built-in GPS and turn-by-turn navigation on your watch you are never lost and know exactly where to go. If you need to find your way back, the breadcrumb feature will quickly show you the way.

Find your rhythm

With music controls on your wrist, you can adjust the volume, pause, and skip to the tracks that take you further. Connect your headset to your phone and off you go. Check out our Suunto Spotify channel and enjoy playlists designed for different times of the day: morning, sunset and midnight.

Chasing sunrises and sunsets

If you’re an early bird who loves the morning mist, the sunrise alarm helps you get up before the sun does. Sunset alarms tell you when to get going if you want to enjoy the sunset during your outdoor activities. It also helps you get back home or to your destination safely before dark.

Be unstoppable. Together.

Pair Suunto 5 Peak with Suunto app to track all your adventures, as well as follow your long-term trends, including daily activity and sleep. Easily share your greatest achievements and connect with others in the Suunto community. Check your incoming calls, messages, and notifications at once glance from your watch. Suunto app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Suunto 5 Peak Specifications

Technical specifications

  • Bezel: Stainless steel
  • Glass / case: plastic
  • Strap: Silicone
  • Bracelet width: 22 mm
  • Strap width: 120-200 mm (accessory strap up to 215 mm)
  • 1.1" matrix color display, resolution: 218 x 218
  • Water resistance: 30 m
  • Battery indicator: percent / symbol
  • Battery type: rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Firmware upgrades possible
  • Time, date
  • Alarm clock
  • Dual time
  • Integrated wrist heart rate 
  • Automatic timekeeping 
  • Stopwatch timer
  • Countdown timer
  • Vibration alert
  • Languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, TR, HE, ZH, TH, ZHTW
  • Configurable backlight: LED
  • Button lock 
  • Metric and imperial units 
  • Customizable dials

Battery life

  • Intelligent charging reminders
  • In time mode: up to 10 days
  • With 24/7 tracking and mobile notifications : up to 7 days
  • Training mode with GPS: 20 hrs / 40 hrs / 100 hrs



  • Connectivity (between devices): Bluetooth Smart
  • Compatible with Suunto app
  • Phone notifications on the watch
  • Compatible with online sports communities
  • Watch software updates via the cloud
  • Smartphone compatibility (most common models supported)
  • Media controls on the watch
  • Send predefined replies to incoming messages from the watch: Android only
  • Automatic over-the-air firmware updates



Activity recording

  • Step counter
  • Calorie consumption
  • Activity targets: Steps, calories
  • Activity history
  • Calorie burn rate and heart rate during daily activities 
  • Daily minimum heart rate tracking 

Sleep recording

  • Deep sleep
  • Time awake
  • Sleep quality
  • Bed times
  • Sleep duration
  • Average and minimum heart rate during sleep 

Stress and recovery

  • Daily resource level
  • Stress and recovery status

Outdoor functions

GPS tracking and navigation

  • Satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, Galileo, Beidou
  • Intelligent battery modes: Performance, Endurance, Tour, Custom
  • GPS recording rate: Best, Good, Low
  • Waypoint and visual route navigation 
  • Zoom levels in navigation
  • Auto zoom based on route shape 
  • Breadcrumb trail in real time 
  • Route planning with Heatmaps
  • Route planning with altitude profile
  • Outdoor terrain and satellite maps
  • Outdoor satellite, terrain and topography maps on the web from Mapbox, Google Maps and Android
  • Heatmaps to browse and navigate during training
  • Personal route library synced to watch 
  • Navigation with points of interest (POI)
  • GPS route analysis
  • Global heatmaps for 20 sports
  • Track logging, viewing and sharing 
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA)


  • GPS altitude
  • Total ascent/descent
  • Vertical speed
  • Log recording rate: 1 s
  • Resolution: 1 m
  • Range: -500 - 9999 m


  • Sunrise/sunset times
  • Altitude graph shown in exercise summary 


Training functions

Interval training

  • Setup intervals 
  • Interval guidance during training

Adaptive training guidance

  • Intensity and duration based real-time guidance during workout
  • Automatic 7-day training plan to improve your fitness level 

Heart rate

  • Heart rate measured from wrist 
  • Heart rate belt compatibility : Bluetooth Smart belts
  • RR interval: with Suunto Smart heart rate belt & Suunto Smart sensor (sold separately)
  • Heart rate graph in real time 
  • Calories
  • Peak Training Effect
  • Recovery time
  • Personal heart rate zones
  • Fitness Level (VO2max)
  • Records heart rate during swimming
  • Heart rate in beats per minute
  • Log storage interval: 1 s

Speed and distance

  • Cadence based speed and distance
  • GPS speed and distance measurement
  • Chrono
  • Foot POD Support: Bluetooth Smart
  • Autolaps
  • Manual laps
  • Analysis of pace, speed graphs and tracks on the map 

Training recovery

  • Training based recovery time 
  • Recovery time daily view 
  • Feeling stored after training to watch 

Training load

  • Logbook with exercise details
  • Exercise summary with lap details 
  • Training load with totals by sport 
  • Training logbook for long term overviews 

Share and relive

  • Exercise sharing to social media 
  • Exercise rating and commenting 
  • Follow other members and get feedback via activity stream 


Expertise in sports


  • Speed and distance data for pool and open water swims
  • Records heart rate while swimming
  • Swimming stroke rate, count and type 
  • Swim stroke efficiency (SWOLF)
  • Automatic intervals
  • Interval lap table
  • Swimming time by pool length, lap, total 
  • Interval guidance with swim pace/duration/distance training support 


  • Cycling speed
  • Average speed in real time
  • Bike POD with speed/cadence support: Bluetooth Smart
  • Bike power (W), average and maximum (with power sensor): Bluetooth Smart
  • Bike Lap and Lap Maximum Power (with power sensor) 
  • Real-time lap table with avg HR, avg power and avg speed 
  • Interval guidance with power/speed/heart rate 


  • Running pace
  • Suunto FusedSpeed™
  • Running power with the Stryd sensor
  • SuuntoPlus™ Ghost Runner
  • Automatic Foot POD calibration 
  • Lap comparison
  • Average, max, lap pace in real time 
  • Interval guidance with running pace/heart rate/distance
  • Snap to route - accurate marathon pacing
  • Lap table in watch and Suunto app 


  • Change sport mode during training
  • Preconfigured multisport modes
  • Post-analysis of multisport exercise by sport 
  • Multisport exercise summary on watch 

Sport modes

  • Customizable sport modes and displays
  • Graphical display in sport modes: heart rate, speed and altitude
  • Pre-installed sport modes on watch: up to 80 values on the watch
  • Available measurement parameters: up to 50 values on the watch
  • Numeric display in sport modes: 1-7 fields, lap table view
  • SuuntoPlus™
  • Sport modes for specific purpose (racing, intervals, long training...) 

Scope of delivery

  • Suunto 5 Peak
  • Charging cable
  • Quick guide
  • Warranty leaflet

Fact Sheet of Suunto 5 Peak Multisport GPS Watch - Dark Heather

Product Name: Suunto 5 Peak Multisport GPS Watch - Dark Heather
Manufacturer: Suunto
Item Code: SUU583690
activity: Cycling, Outdoor, Run, Swim, Leisure, Swimrun
material: Stainless Steel, Composite, Silicone
dimensions (l/w/h): 43/43/13mm
transmission standard: Bluetooth, USB
expandable memory: no
Battery Type: integrated Battery
device functions: Altitude, Force-Efficiency-Kit, PC-/App-Analysis, GPS, Navigation, HRM included, Cadence (optional or included), Plan Training on Device, Calorie Consumption, Temperature, Smart Notifications, Running Functions, Cycle Computer, Speed Sensor Bike (optional or included), Foot Pod, Audioplayer, Pedometer
device version: Sports Watch & Smartwatch
compass type: electronical
Display Features: Colored, without Map Display
display size (diagonal): 1.1"
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Grey
weight: 39g
manufacturer item code: SS050729000
Manufacturer page: