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FINIS, Inc. Manta Paddle

FINIS, Inc. Manta Paddle

The Manta Paddles are designed to increase strength, stroke efficiency, and distance per stroke. Constructed with the same lightweight, durable, floating material as our Agility Paddles, these paddles are comfortable to wear and won't get lost underwater. The strapless design fits the natural contour of your hand and teaches you to apply even pressure throughout your pull. The curve of the paddle allows you to reach full extension while gently forcing your hand into the catch of your stroke. Vent holes allow for water to pass smoothly through the paddle, letting the swimmer maintain a good feel for the water.

Features of the hand paddles

  • INCREASE STRENGTH: Designed to build muscle and improve distance-per-stroke.
  • STRAPLESS DESIGN: No more fussing over uncomfortable or broken straps. The Manta Paddles provide a comfortable fit to the natural contour of the hand.
  • LOW IMPACT: Vent holes allow water to pass through the paddle, allowing the swimmer to maintain their feel for the water.
  • FOUR FINGER SIZES: While every paddle has the same diameter, size is based on the circumference of your middle finger. Please refer to the size chart.
  • FLOATING MATERIAL: Lightweight and durable Manta Paddles are made to float so you won't lose them.

Fact Sheet of FINIS, Inc. Manta Paddle

Product Name: FINIS, Inc. Manta Paddle
Manufacturer: FINIS, Inc.
Item Code: FNS586099
activity: Swim
training products: Paddles
Model year: 2022
Collection: Full year
Color: Yellow
Manufacturer page: