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VeloPlugs Rim Plugs (64 Pcs.)

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Description of VeloPlugs Rim Plugs (64 Pcs.)

VeloPlugs are the best idea since the introduction of Clincher rim, patented worldwide. An ordinary rim tape for a 700C wheel weighs about 20 grams and 32 VeloPlugs weigh only 5 grams. For less than 32 spokes, the weight saving is even greater.

VeloPlugs simplify the assembly of tube and tire, and can be reused many times. And they can theoretically withstand up to 24bar (please do not try: rims and tires fail well below this figure).

The VeloPlugs is available in two sizes, suitable for two different diameter of the rim holes. The red VeloPlugs fit into 8 mm rim holes. The yellow VeloPlugs fit into many system wheels with spoke holes 8,5 to 9,2mm, the gluing is no longer required.

The VeloPlugs are delivered in a package with 64 pieces - so each wheelset can be fitted.

Delivery without rim.
Included in delivery: 64 VeloPlugs
Weight supplement: 64 pieces
  • Description
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  • Ratings (18)

Fact Sheet of VeloPlugs Rim Plugs (64 Pcs.)

Product Name: VeloPlugs Rim Plugs (64 Pcs.)
Manufacturer: Diverse
Item Code: NON162259
activity: Bike
tire/tube accessories version: Rim Tape
Color: Red, Yellow
weight: 10g
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  • Ratings (18)
Selection: VeloPlugs Rim Plugs (64 Pcs.)
Currently not in stock Not deliverable Version for 8mm rim holes (red)
Currently not in stock Not deliverable Version for 8,5 - 9,3mm rim holes (yellow)
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(18 Ratings)
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Customer Reviews
Please this product is not for tubeless !!!! it works perfectly
It works perfectly !!! Reading reviews I must recall this product is not design for tubeless but for tube type mounting ....the only and main goal of Veloplugs is to lighten the rim comparing with a strap.. you gain 20 25 gr which enormous because located at the circomférence of a rotating objet.
Just sand them after mounting and it will work perfection !
I use veloplugs since it was issued on the market so more than 8 years now and this on 4 different pairs of carbon wheels..I ride 23 000 kms /year with veloplugs with no PB at all. JUST SAND the inside of the rim with light paper once the veloplugs are mounted and you won t have any problems. Just sand as you would do with a tubular rim before glueing. The rim wont be dammage at all if you sand properly and in surface.
To the people who gave Veloplugs a one star review because you tried to run tubeless with them. Moron of the year award.

Now that we got that out of the way.

I bought red Veloplugs for my carbon clinchers and latex tubes. And well. I've forgotten they are even there. Which means they are a flawless product. Because they do their job so well I forgot they even their. If the lightest clincher possible is your goal. Then go Latex+Veloplugs! (remember kids Tubeless is stil heavier and still can't beat cRR of Latex clinchers)
Note: this product is NOT for tubeless (they are not airtight!), it's for running with tubes. I was a bit worried that the plugs would have to sharp edges for my delicate latex tubes, but I've run them over one season now without issues. For weight weenies a few grams are saved, and for us that never seem to get rim tape properly aligned, these plugs are easier to install.
- Gewichtsersparnis

- unverhältnismäßig teuer.
- aufwendige Montage, da die Kappe keine Verriegelung hat (einkleben ist notwendig).
- damit verbundene zeitaufwändige Montagezeit.
- hohes Risiko, dass bei der Montage eine Kappe unbemerkt herausfällt.
- eine sichere Montage im Feld ist damit nahezu unmöglich.
- bei reduziertem Luftdruck und hoher Reifenaktivität kann auch während der Fahrt eine Kappe aus dem Loch fallen.

Nach eigenem Test und zwei kaputten Schläuchen durch diese Verschlussmethode, komme ich zu dem Ergebnis:
Finger weg, da unkalkulierbares Verhalten, das schnell lebensgefährlich werden kann. Ein gutes Felgenband ist hier immer vorzuziehen, auch wenn die Gewichtsersparnis lockt.

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