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CEP Cold Weather Compression Socks - dark orange

CEP Cold Weather Compression Socks - dark orange

High performance at low temperatures: Give your training everything despite the cold - with the Cold Weather Socks for men by CEP Sportswear! Natural merino wool and compression combine to form an unbeatable unit: Your feet stay warm and dry, while your muscles are optimally supplied. Thus, even in autumn and winter you have the maximum energy to achieve your goals.


Optimal climate regulation for comfort on cold days

The mix of natural merino wool and high-quality synthetics in the Cold Weather compression socks for men combines the best of both worlds: While the high-tech fibers provide elasticity and stability, the natural fiber insulates excellently and impresses with excellent moisture management. The result is a material that fits like a second skin, is pleasantly warm and guarantees a dry feeling. After all, low outside temperatures are no reason to forgo high comfort during your training session.


Compression for activation and faster regeneration

Thanks to medi compression, blood circulation improves. In concrete terms, this means faster removal of degradation products such as lactate. At the same time, it activates the supply of valuable nutrients. This is directly reflected in higher endurance during training or competition and your legs feel lighter. After training, your muscles regenerate faster.


Lower risk of injury by stabilizing the joints

The compression of the Cold Weather Socks for men has other advantages. On the one hand, it increases proprioception and thus the self-awareness of your musculoskeletal system. Secondly, the light pressure stabilizes the joints deep sensory. Both together reduce the risk of injuries, for example due to twisting - and thus of involuntary training breaks.


Features of the CEP Cold Weather Compression Socks

  • Dry and warm feet as a result of the high-quality exclusive material mix of merino wool and synthetic fibers

  • Injury prevention through proprioceptive ankle and joint stabilization

  • Unique wearing feeling as well as secure hold thanks to perfectly fitting, wrinkle-free compression

  • More strength in the legs as well as faster regeneration due to the blood circulation-promoting activation of medi compression

Material 76% polyamide, 13% wool, 11% elastane

Fact Sheet of CEP Cold Weather Compression Socks - dark orange

Product Name: CEP Cold Weather Compression Socks - dark orange
Manufacturer: CEP
Item Code: CEP603510
Material: 76% polyamide, 13% wool, 11% elastane
with compression: yes
activity: Run
gender: men
textile fabric: Synthetics
season: Winter
Features: Thermo
socks length: Knee socks
socks version: no padding
Model year: 2023
Collection: Autumn/Winter
Color: Orange
weight: 135g
Sustainability: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®


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