X-Bionic Effektor Running Women's Power Pants Long - black/turquoise O020640 B116

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Description of X-Bionic Effektor Running Women's Power Pants Long - black/turquoise O020640 B116

Step beyond the current limits of physics? All clear ahead! Effektor™ Running Power Pants - X-Bionic® partial compression on the legs combines two decisive performance advantages: improved muscular work thanks to compression, as well as optimal cooling thanks to the dispersal of pressure across the ridges. The Effektor™ Running Power Pants utilize yet another technology - one that jet pilots use to prevent the feared blackout: They place varying grades of pressure differently on different regions of the leg. Effektor™ Running Power Pants place more pressure on the lower leg as they do on the upper thigh to lighten the load on the blood as it makes its way back to the heart. For even more effective cooling the proven 3D-BionicSphere® system is used on the tailbone. On the knees the Neural-Response-Bandages put the peripheral neural receptors in a constant state of "fight or flight," which helps strengthen and add more precision to muscular responses.


Neural response effect: Partial compression puts peripheral nerve cells in a constant state of readiness, optimises the exchange of neural impulses between muscles and brain, increases muscle reactions, contractions and coordination, and decreases the risk of injury and exhaustion.

Cohesion Wrap Technology: Cohesion Wrap Technology with its Vicarious Connective Tissue supports and stabilizes areas of the female body with weak connective tissue.

X-Bionic® partial compression: A new benchmark in compression technology. Partial Kompression by X-Bionic® utilises the advantages of compression without neglecting cooling.

Self-adjusting cuff: The wide active drawstring fits to every leg size without slipping or constricting.

Intercooler™: This 3D construction collects perspiration on the upper thigh and maintains it directly upon the skin so it can evaporate optimally while directly on this important muscle group. Between periods of exertion, the Intercooler™'s rib technology lies in a wavelike structure on the muscle to provide insulation.

ISO-Pad™: Enables targeted insulation of individual body parts from a cold environment to protect the body from freezing in winter. This is how the optimized ISO-Pads™ retain more body heat, which is necessary to guarantee internal organ function and protect body parts which are vulnerable to cooling.

ExpansionKnee™: The accordion principle behind the ExpansionKnee™ improves its insulating character rather than losing it when the knee is bent. A highly flexible system of chambers and channels provide insulation by storing warm air inside.

Neural Response Bandage: The Neural Response Bandage exerts targeted pressure on the muscle attachment, prepares the receptors for action and improves the work of the muscles.

X-Cross® Bandage on the knee: The bandage criss-crosses over the knee in the form of an X in order to stabilise the joint without limiting freedom of movement.

3D-BionicSphere® System at the tailbone: The sweat of the lower back area is conducted through the 3D-BionicSphere® System to the tailbone for evaporation. The SweatTraps® on the lower back are targeted specifically at catching sweat flowing toward the buttocks. This first phase, which often leads to friction sores, is interrupted before it can even begin.

AirConditioningSpot™: The knee hollow perspires quickly and heavily. A fine, circular knitted fabric has been incorporated there. Perspiration dissipates and is pushed outward with the aid of body warmth without the risk of chilling.

HeatTransfer Zone: Optimal heat dissipation.

SkinNODOR silver ions reduce bacterial growth and provide softness and an excellent fit.

83% polyamide, 12% polypropylene, 5% elastane

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Fact Sheet of X-Bionic Effektor Running Women's Power Pants Long - black/turquoise O020640 B116

Product Name: X-Bionic Effektor Running Women's Power Pants Long - black/turquoise O020640 B116
Manufacturer: X-Bionic
Item Code: XBI164517
Season: Spring/Summer
Year: 2017
Material: 83% polyamide, 12% polypropylene, 5% elastane
Color: black/turquoise
Washability: 40°C
For women/men/unisex: women
Purpose: running
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