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Wera Safe-Torque A 1 Set 1 (10-piece)

Wera Safe-Torque A 1 Set 1 (10-piece)

10-piece 1/4" torque wrench set in sturdy textile box.

Torque wrench with over-slip mechanism. Once the set torque value has been reached, the tool cannot be overtightened, thus preventing the application of excessive torque. Adjustment range from 2 to 12 Nm for controlled right and left hand tightening. Easy setting and securing of the preset value: the audible and tactile engagement when the scale values are reached additionally facilitates the safe setting of the desired torque value. With Torque Lock function for use as a standard ratchet without torque function. Can therefore also be used for rotation angle applications. The return angle is only 5°, so that the ratchet can also be used in tight working situations. Included are: Torque wrench Safe-Torque A 1, 1/4" square, 2-12 Nm, 8 nuts with 1/4" drive and 1 short extension.

Features of the Wera Safe-Torque A 1 Set 1 - Torque wrench set

  • Slip over release mechanism - therefore the set torque value can never be exceeded
  • Torque Lock function: the torque function can be switched off - tool can therefore also be used as a standard ratchet with high loosening torques and in defined rotation angle applications
  • For controlled right and left tightening - tightening and loosening with and without torque
  • Simple setting and securing of the desired torque value with audible and tactile engagement when the scale values are reached
  • Only 30° disengagement angle after reaching target torque value
  • Thanks to the fine toothing with 72 teeth, a low return angle of 5° is possible
  • 1/4" square drive with nut locking mechanism

Scope of delivery:

1x Safe-Torque A 1 torque wrench with 1/4" square drive, 2-12 Nm

HMA Zyklop socket with 1/4" drive:
1x 5.5 x 23 mm
1x 6 x 23 mm
1x 7 x 23 mm
1x 8 x 23 mm
1x 10 x 23 mm
1x 11 x 23 mm
1x 12 x 23 mm
1x 13 x 23 mm

1x SA Zyklop extension with quick-release sleeve, short, 1/4" x 75 mm

1x Hook-and-Loop strip 240 x 50 mm



Fact Sheet of Wera Safe-Torque A 1 Set 1 (10-piece)

Product Name: Wera Safe-Torque A 1 Set 1 (10-piece)
Manufacturer: Wera
Item Code: WER629247
activity: Cycling
lubricant area of application: Universal
number of functions: 10
tool type: Torque wrenches, Toolboxes / -sets
Model year: 2023
Collection: Full year
weight: 1023g
Manufacturer page: